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  1. Hello, I'm setting up multiple VMs (Hyper-V) and i was wondering if i could deploy KSC on a VM. And if so, will it work without problems if install it under a Windows 10 VM or is it recommended to install it under a Windows Server VM? is there any particular differences between the two methods ? Thanks.
  2. Hello, I work a lot with batch scripts in order to execute basic operations on the client computers through the Kaspersky network agent, up until now everything was working smooth. Today i created a new one for testing purposes; this one's supposed to execute a simple command (ipconfig) in the client computer, writes it's output into a .txt file and stores it on a network share. I tested the batch file locally and it worked fine. However, whenever i run it remotely through KSC (new installation package), the task completes successfully on KSC but when i check the network share, the file is created but there's no content in it (empty). Here's my simple batch: @echo off ipconfig > \\SHARE\output.txt At first , i thought maybe it has something to do with read/write privileges but then changed i changed "ipconfig" to "@echo 12345 > \\SHARE\output.txt", tested it remotely and it worked fine, the file was created with "12345" written inside it! Any suggestions? KSC 10 (v10.4.3.4) with endpoint versions 10.3.06294 (SP2) and 11 Kind Regards, Zak.
  3. Hello, I just want to point out that whenever i unplug the Ethernet cable, Scan then disinfect with reboot option, it doesn't seem to appear again... until i plug the cable back. (with WAN link still down) This behavior is valid for all the infected PCs ... Here's what i'm thinking of doing: - isolate every single infected PC - Install SP1 if it isn't already installed - Installed that Microsoft patch along with the latest security updates. - Run KES scan, clean and reboot - Pray it will work..
  4. I will try to install the patch along with all the latest security updates, then i'll rerun the Kaspersky scan. Hopefully it'll work. Thank you.
  5. Bonjour, Je n'arrive pas a créer une tâche d'installation de mise à jour et correction de vulnérabilités, ce message d'erreur s'affiche (image jointe) Est-ce qu'il me faut une autre licence pour le serveur d'administration? Merci bien.
  6. Hello and thank you for your responses; Here are my products: KSC 10 (v10.4.3.4) with different endpoint versions: MR2) and 10.3.06294 (SP2) Thanks again.
  7. Hello community, Since this morning, some of the PC's of my network started acting wierd: "explorer.exe" closes for some which causes everything on the desktop to disappear, blue screen of death then reboot for others, or just both... So i unplugged the wan link and ran a full in-depth scan on my local network and detected this rootkit on the system memory of the infected PCs: "MEM: Rootkit.Win64.EquationDrug.a" Selected "Desinfect with restart" when popped up, but after a short period of time it appears again on all the PCs with the same behaviour (explorer.exe closes, blue screen...). So basically it just keeps reappearing and users cannot work properly. Tried scanning them with different tools but without success. Infected PC's Os: Win7 x64/x32 - Win7 sp1 x64- Win10 x64 - Is it possible that one PC on my network is acting as a source of the threat and keeps infecting them? Which would explain the reinfection every time after desinfecting? - Should i isolate every single PC and rerun the full scan? i tried that on one PC and left its user working on it sometime without any problems... until i plugged in the Ehernet cable and the problems started reappearing again. Any suggestions as to how elminate it? Kind regards.
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