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  1. This is from Tasks on KSC, I am not sure what you mean by local or group
  2. The setting for database update task on KSC for servers "after administrator server has retrieved updates"
  3. I have KSC, and on servers i have Kasper for windows server version 11, Now I installed on emails servers KSE, and for that I removed Kasper Network Agent from email server bcz KSE will not work with Agent, Now my question is Kasper for windows server how will get new database updates from KSC if doesn't have Network Agent installed?
  4. so in exchange server i need both of them KSE and KS 10.1.1, right? it will not make conflict ?
  5. I can see both of them for protection from spam, Trojan, malware, is there main difference between both of them?
  6. I have KSC10 and Kaspersky security 10.1.1 for windows server, is that ok to download on File server and exchange server, or i need to download specific package/version for exchange and file server? because I found another version on kaspersky website for exchange called "Kaspersky Security 9.0 for Microsoft Exchange Servers"
  7. KSC10 version: 10.5.1781 KS Windows client version:
  8. I can see KSC10 show unprocessed files, how i can know if these files are safe to restore or i have to delete, bcz some files are .dll extensions it could be related to system or drivers i am not sure and if deleted it could effect on system
  9. So that mean I can even do not schedule these tasks, because the KSC endpoint running in real-time and if there is virus will be detected on time, right?
  10. There is task called "on-demand scan" for servers and "Virus scan" for PCs These tasks what's the recommended schedule to be configure, like each day or one a week
  11. What is the schedule should to be for Virus Scan in both End client and server, should to be daily, or one a week, what is the recommendation?
  12. I have kaspersky security center version 10.3.407 How I can get : "Information about KL product build number and installed patches" I am trying to add windows 8/10 device via security center but it is not discovery at all although i can ping device from security center
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