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  1. @richbuff, Thanks for the quick and very comprehensive reply - and sorry for my very late response. From what I could glance related to similar issues, your list above should cover all eventualities. Great reference! Understanding that KTS may need several minutes to update (and probably sometimes longer, esp. w/ the stone-age internet here in Australia: the backplane is running via smoke signals, fueled by our bushfires), seems to explain my issue. Meanwhile, after a re-install of originally KTS 2018, a few more updates, and finally the (auto-initiated!) update to KTS 2019, it appears that the auto-update works quite reliably now. Thanks again, and keep up the great work!
  2. Team, I also recently downloaded a PDF file that my KTS 2019 showed being infected by a UDS:Trojan.PDF.Badur.b. KTS disinfected it promptly and (after a brief message "cannot disinfect") deleted the downloaded file as well as the browser's (Chrome v72.0.3626.109, 64bit) cache version. Well done! I am still curious what kind of threat this Trojan.PDF.Badur.b actually is, so I entered it into threats.kaspersky.com, both with and without the UDS:... Unfortunately, it reports "No search results". Shortening the search to "Trojan.PDF" shows e.g. "Trojan.PDF.Badur": "A PDF document “booby-trapped” with a link that leads to a site with questionable content." Although in retrospect your naming convention makes great sense, it would still be helpful to emphasize to the user to shorten the search to a subset of the reported threat type -- unless you would eventually find the time to link threat names from the scanner's "Detailed Reports" page to a brief description as per your threats.kaspersky.com page. But otherwise, I'd keep your priorities on keeping up with detecting and fighting the ever growing cybersecurity threats... Thanks!
  3. Team, I am on a current multi-year, multi-device license purchased from home in the US, running KTS 2018. We are currently traveling outside of the country, and it appears that the download links such as http://www.kaspersky.com/downloads/total-security don't work - the website changes to a local version where it wants you to buy the SW. I already have purchased multi-year licenses, though, and would like to upgrade to the latest KTS version while on the road abroad. Thanks!
  4. Slightly different scenario: About half the time after starting my Win 10 PC, I get the message that the databases are out of date, despite selecting "auto-update" in the settings. Only selecting the "update" button manually seems to update the database - waiting for the "auto-update" doesn’t appear to work. Other times, auto-updating the definitions did seem to work despite restarting. Checked the other suggestions above, but nothing appears to ensure that the auto-update works every time. KTS v18.0.0.405
  5. My issue started after the Win 10 Creator's Update. Win 10 Home v1709, Build 16299.309 (Win Settings → About); Kaspersky Total Security KTS v18.0.0.405. Need to manually turn off and on Kaspersky Firewall @ every startup (except waking from hibernation, of course). Disabled WD Notification (Task Mgr → Startup → Disable). {Note: May need to open Task Manager as Admin (enter "Task Manager" in Win Search, right-click → "Run as Admin").} → No change: The message no longer appears immediately after reboot, but does return after a few minutes. → Uninstalled KTS, keeping the Confi Settings and License Info only. Re-installed KTS 2018 using the installer from https://support.kaspersky.com/kts2018. (The installer will then download approx. 160MB). Set up the Application Password again after the installation completed (KTS v18.0.0.405), then restart Win 10 to re-initialize Win 10, the apps and to ensure everything is working as intended. The "Windows Defender Notification Icon" is still disabled in Task Mgr → Startup. Started "Windows Defender Security Center" → shows everything OK. Activated "Periodic Scanning" under "Win Defender Antivirus Options", in addition to having KTS as the primary (live) protection. Despite several shut-downs and a couple of restarts, so far no new occurrences of the "Win Defender and Kasp Firewall both turned off" message. Will report back if the issue occurs again. Note: Uninstalling, then re-installing KTS appears to be a fairly frequent necessity to fix issues, likely triggered by various Win 10 updates (esp. "feature updates"). It happened 3 times before this issue, yet it never appeared to be a problem on my Win 7 PCs.
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