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  1. Hi, Can we deploy kaspersky secure mail gateway in Citrix Xenserver ? If yes then how to do the same ? I have zimbra mail server. BR
  2. hi, after updating systems to Redstone 4 where already kes11 & kes10sp2mr2 installed the above mentioned issues occurred.. Kindly help us to resolve the issue. BR
  3. Hi, Cortona search , windows store not happening, windows images, 100% disk usage, windows update not working after installing kes10sp2mr2 & kes11. After uninstalling av everything is working fine. kindly suggest what to do. This issue occurred after windows update Update (Redstone 4, version 1803) BR
  4. hi, please find the link of gsi of the affected host. https://wetransfer.com/downloads/9157eb3cce680cb20ef696370d27544a20180627131134/58e585dc50cde60b7f9ce7b5642d7fcf20180627131134/adcb4c BR
  5. hi, kes11 unable to communicate with ksc. Real-time protection status unknown if I click on send heartbeat no error but protection status remains unknown. Can we repair kes11 from control panel where encryption is already running. Klnagchk statistics is ok. But there is no changes in ksc. Please provide a tool to decrypt on immediate effect BR
  6. hi, how to decrypt kes11 host running encryption (FDE) .please provide a utility tool for decrypttion. BR
  7. hi, how to restore from backup. Mention the steps to perform. BR
  8. hi, how to recover the data.i have tried both options restore utility tool & access file folder but unable to unlock the device while connecting the encrypted hdd via USB cable attaching to ksc server system where encryption is under leave unchanged policy. Data is very important kindly help us to recover the data. BR
  9. hi, what to do in this scenario? How to recover from this disaster. BR
  10. hi, Client is facing an issue he has done full-disk encryption of his system hdd 1.customer is decrypting the hdd and doing his normal work 2.during the process he finds out the system has become slow ,he checks in task manager and found out that kaspersky is consuming cpu resources 3.he kills the process and restarts the system 4. after that system asks for pre-boot authentication 5.customer enters the pre-boot authentication details and it is showing loading the os 6.customer system is stuck at loading the os We would request you to please please look into the matter error screenshot already attended in the above conversation. BR
  11. Hi, unable to login in with preeboot authentication. kindly assist, Kes11 & kes10sp3 decryption was running pc got slow user reboot the system afterwards unable to login giving error. PFA attached. Kindly help to resolve the issue. BR
  12. Hi, Is there any ready template for on boot or on logoff task which free and speed up the clients for different Os perspective.
  13. Hi, Any files sent as an attachment or transfer by any app from my organization to others. Is there any Kaspersky products version and customer id signature value carrying by file itself to help us to prove passive intellectual property rights.
  14. Hi, Is there any way to enforce to use virtual keyboard only, for any web payment transaction in kes11
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