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  1. Hi, Did you create a deploy key task from KSC? Thank you.
  2. Hi, If possible, yes. Otherwise I must assign to customized OS image packages to each device. I need to customize the OS image package and deploy package for each device. This process takes too long. I'm looking for solution.
  3. Hi, Nope, sorry for wrong info. They will have different names, usernames. Scenario: Windows 7 installed on these devices. I will upgrade to Windows 10. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Adding mac addresses makes sense. But, must assign the OS image installation package to each mac address. So, os image package must be customized for every device. Let's say; I want to deploy OS image package to 10 devices same time. Devices' names, usernames etc. must remain the same. Is it possible? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I want to deploy Windows 10 image with KSC. To do this, I created installation package with Windows 10.vim file. Also, I installed Windows AIK tool. I configured sysprep.exe settings in image package and deployed image package to specified device (Network agent installed). Distribution was successful and Windows 10 installed. I wonder; How can I deploy image package to multiple devices with one installation task? Cause, in image package settings I can only set one device's name, username and password etc. Should I choose "use default configuration file" for all of the devices settings to remain the same? (name, username, password etc.) or other ways? Thanks.
  6. Hi, Other suggestion: Did you try to delete these devices from Managed Devices and unassigned devices? After deleting you can start network pool and move these devices to related group. Thanks.
  7. Hi, Automatic device moving rule may be active. On KSC, follow Advanced -> Network Pool -> Actions -> Set up rules of device moving to administration groups. Double click the rule and choose "Run once for each device". I would appreciate if you can observe and share the result. Thanks.
  8. Hi again, Right click the client device on KSC. Then click All Task -> Force Synchronization. Check result. Also, where did you add scan exclusion? Is it in policy General Protection Settings -> Scan exclusions and Trusted Zone section? Thank you.
  9. Hi, Please check the policy and endpoint versions. They must be the same for policy enforcement. Also, can you access clients from KSC server ? Are network agents active on KSC? Thank you.
  10. Hi, Firstly, follow Advanced->Repositories->Hardware to see all devices. If you can't see any device in this section, create a "Inventory" task and start. This task will collect all hardware information. You don't need to add Device ID, Computer name etc.. In encryption of removable devices, click "Add -> From KSC list of devices". Just click "refresh" button on new window. Devices will be automatically listed. Thank you.
  11. Hi again, Also, you can click help for detailed information. After you read, I can explain encryption steps in next post if you want. Thank you.
  12. Hi, Which version do you use? Thank you.
  13. Hi, Which version do you use? Can you share screenshots of your settings? Thank you.
  14. Hi, Did you entegrated KSC with Google Cloud Messaging? Refer to article: https://support.kaspersky.com/11770#block1 Thanks.
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