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  1. Well... I thought I'd check my 'windows services' to see if that was the problem (also the whole internet broke down last night after being here)... DHCP client was turned off.. Dns client turned off... and it seems everything that had to do with tunnelling a secure(windows..haha) connection... Including KSC. I didn't turn them off???? Time for a refresh overhaul with them errors. Thanks anyway. You'll laugh at this. I mainly listen to music here... Last night the audio got a red cross, not working... The windows audio service was turned off.
  2. Thank you.. Now using Wi-fi dongle after changing password back to old one. Funnily, I can hook into any other wi-fi that the wi-fi picks up on (if I new the passwords) except my own.
  3. Thanks. I just could not reply using IE so using another browser... That's kind of surprising seeing this computer is hardly used... But then again... Thanks for help. No.. No go with uninstalling.. As I explained earlier the other windows system in the house had the same problem, both with KSC and the other VPN, as has this one. I'll give you an example of what has happened today: Changed the Wi-fi password which is good security practice, now the wi-fi dongle will not work.. Went to upload a scanned picture to e-mail account, would not uploload, opened TCPview, closed a connection in a Closed_Wait state, picture then uploaded.
  4. Sorry, there's no button to edit... Do I give a direct link here or somehow into the Parser.
  5. Is this safe? The address assessment of the page says 'not secure'.
  6. Happening again. I've done what you said previously... The upload seems to be stuck? Got to get to bed I'll try again tomorrow.
  7. Happening again. I've done what you said previously to do but I can't upload the zip file... It's dragging but not dropping in?
  8. EDIT: There's something weird happening here with the router.. When a cable goes into the back of the router it produces a light at the front to show a cable is plugged in... Well I have a light showing, but with no cable plugged in? I'm using a wi-fi dongle.
  9. Okay, no worries. Thanks for your interest. Still working okay. Do you have any ideas on what happened to my computer? Particularly with a IP KSC gave being established and with no error showing.
  10. Thanks... There's no error message... According to TCPview the connection is established so that probably explains no error message... Can you please tell me how to get the log to you? EDIT: Sorry I didn't see the link... Will provide it. LOL: After a week of not working it is now working...WT*!! Working fine too as I have a different IP. I just turned KSC on so it would produce the error. I may be back in contact the way things are going on around here. Thanks for your help anyway. Sorry. If I still give the log will it still provide any info at your end. I will send it if you want to see it?
  11. I've been using KSC since it was first introduced. There's two 'windows systems' in this house and at first the computer in my brothers bedroom started to have issues with KSC... Not connecting to his e-mail account was the first one I'm sure, then after some time it would not connect at all. For the first year he had no problem with it. The system I use here is a secondary system now.. I only use it when I'm here at my brothers house... I've been staying here and using this system a lot more in the last few months and now KSC has stopped working on this system... almost identical to what happened to the system in my brothers bedroom... The only conclusion we could think of was another VPN he got previously, but both these computers have now uninstalled this other VPN as the subscription ran out about 6 months ago. The same issue was happening to that VPN also. Has this happened to your computer that's happening on my computer?
  12. I've been running through Virtual Shield VPN and Windows tells me that it is the Kaspersky Firewall blocking the connection.... I've turned off the WHOLE Antivirus and I'm still having the same problem?
  13. As per title. Also, I have error reports awaiting to be sent but it is not reaching your server? Any ideas? Thanks ahead, J.
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