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  1. Raderick24: A search of this topic shows that about 12 days ago, manual removal of all Kaspersky drivers, folders and registry entries was indicated for the solution to your issue. Did you accomplish this?
  2. Looks like an un- and reinstall. Link for removal tool (and other info) in sticky topics. Edit: or try repair installation from control panel- add/remove/Modify.
  3. Open the program from the start menu. Settings-Protection-Compatibility mode-Check. And change the setting of Concede Resources to other Applications. Try one of these at a time, make a brief note of changes to these settings. EDIT: read Don's sticky on tips and tricks. Repair installation from Control Panel or un and re-install.
  4. Is the Kaspersky program available from Start Menu? If the start menu is full, right click, remove from menu list other items may enable it to show in start menu...... or executable in Program Files-Kaspersky Labs.
  5. See Don's sticky: "Tips and tricks"-PDM. Settings-Proactive Defense-Settings(next to AIC)-Select application-Details-Select blocked module-Click Edit-drop down-click allow.
  6. In: Settings-Threats and Exclusions- Potentialy Dangerous Software (riskware). EDIT: V7
  7. Inatallation problems are avoided by uninstalling Zone first, then installing KAV, then re-installing Zone. Also, read Don's sticky about removing older stuff. And search this forum on this topic too. May I politely mention KIS by itself?
  8. Did you install KIS or KAV? Do you have a KIS key or a KAV key? As Lucian said, KIS key won't work on KAV, KAV key won't work on KIS.
  9. cruser921: I am glad that you are motivated to buy KAV. If you are ok with AVS after seven weeks of getting familiar with and seeing how it works with your computer, then you should be even more ok with KAV. I hope that you will relax and enjoy the product.
  10. Macro based threats are sufficiantly covered by signatures, PDM and hueristics is how MAPKOBKA^^ explained it. When its time was up, it had to go.
  11. JPC, Yes, no problem restoring right after a 20 minute scan to a point that I had just created. After I stopped at the 50% mark, I then reverted for the second time to the same point that I had just created at the begining of this operation, all went smoothly. The selections noted are in Scan-Settings-Customize in Version 7. Settings can be found in Version 6 similarly; but I can't recall exactly as I started in V7 mid-May with .055 Beta. I can't help but be sure that KIS does not interfere with Restore function; and that you may need to re-enable it as Lucian said. If it did, this forum (and others) would be saturated with people concerned about this topic.
  12. There is more than one way of doing this, this works for me: Download and Save these three: .msi, setup.exe and .exe. When you are ready to install, execute the .exe. If need be, you can instead execute setup.exe, if it is in the same file as the .msi. If your a math person, relationship between the three can be expresses as follows: .exe = .msi + setup.exe. Post back with how it goes. A review of my notes shows plenty of threads on this topic during the last week of June. EDIT: nb=no bases. No need to download this one.
  13. Jaypeecee, All good with your experiment in Vista. I created a new restore point, waited a few minutes for hard drive to enter a quiet state, and restored to that same point. KIS took seven minutes to do file AV. Then I started Scan Computer. I stopped after 20 minutes at the 50% mark. I used "scan new and changed files" and scan files by "content". All other scan settings default, and with all scan areas enabled. KIS self defence Not disabled. I will try this on my XP later, but I don't expect any of the difficulties that you noted. If I had even a hint of trouble, I would do as Lucian said in post #3 and re-enable system restore and/or do as p2u said and move up to third-party software.
  14. Jaypeecee, this looks like an interesting experiment. I will try it now on my newer very lean Vista before trying it on my older XP that is loaded with all my older random junk.
  15. No problem here. Upon reading "...try reverting your PC to any previous restore point. Not possible."; I logged out of this forum, closed browser, Start, system restore, restored to a system checkpoint that was about 12 hours old; without pausing, exiting KIS or disabling KIS Self Defence. I did, however, insure that Proactive Defence was disabled (Application Activity Analyzer and Registry Guard) before reverting to the most recent checkpoint. It was quick and smooth. KIS immediatly did an update and File AV was briefly very busy also. About a year ago, KIS flagged Not a virus-Riskware MS and OEM items in Restore files and the detection notifications finally went away after half a year of removing all but most recent Restore Point every month. I never had to turn off and re-enable System Restore, but I wouldn't hesitate to do so in order to "refresh" it. I should, one day, take Don's and others advice and move move up to better application but so far, not needed (yet). EDIT: some punctuation and spelling.
  16. Default for starters and a while after that..... staying with the default "Detail" for web av. (The "prevention versus cure" thing) @dawgg: Your settings are interesting since they are different from default, I am curious: How did you arrive at them?
  17. "sick of seeing the alert": Settings-Appearance-Advanced: Balloon notification can be unchecked here. CHKDSK still happy over here. No need (yet?) for fsutil or SpinRight or.......but its nice to know that Kaspersky is aware of and working on this.
  18. elconejito: Ad-Aware and Spy-Bot: Try uninstalling them and using SuperAntiSpyware On Demand scan instead. Also: Trend Micro Active-x and .dll are shown in your sysinfo under C-Windows-Downloaded program files.
  19. Have you tried changing file permissions by using the Command Line?
  20. In version 7, I can enable/disable notifications for many different events by balloon, sound, e-mail or log by going to Settings-Appearance-Advanced. Sounds can even be changed by replacing WAV files.
  21. Did you install KAV on top of Zone? If so, try this: Uninstall both, reboot, install KIV, Then install Zone. Running removal tools and a reputable registry cleaner after reboot and before re-installing KAV (and then Zone) add to this but can only help.
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