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  1. yes i have access to encrypted computers and able to see the file system and write files also able to deploy application to that computer. today i got that error from the one computer which install the normal package(standard) and with out use encryption.
  2. Hello, We are having trouble with KES and Windows 7 Synch Center. After we install KES 10 on our user machines, we are unable to perform or create a Sync Partnership. And the option to "Always Make Files Available" is no longer on the action menu. When we go into Sync Center to look at a partnership, it says Synch Pending. this issue is solved after run the change application component task to convert application(KES 10 MR 1) to standard. because we using full disk encryption in some computers, so we install full package to all computers in network. when we run the task ,change application component to standard, Sync Center work fine. then i run that task to all computers exclude the encryption computers. now other computers work fine with Sync Center. Now my issue is coming with that encryption computers didn't work with Sync Center. i cannot change application component in that encrypted computers(because they used full disk encryption). in the forum i see the patch pf336 solved this issue, is it possible to install that patch to encrypted computers.????????????
  3. Thanks For your kind response.. but all computers are connected to the same security center. because of this reason, i removed the KES 10 manually from client computer with encryption keys. then install again but scenario was same. WHY???????
  4. Dear All, when we going to do encryption in all file on removable drivers, after plug the pen drive ,it is ask to generate(save) key . why is that. because in that group other computers working fine with encryption. only one computer ask this option???? please see the attached image :dash1:
  5. Hi, Thanks for your kind response. when you describe about hard disk its OK now, but when we are in vm environment it is not working. because i already add another hard disk to vm computer(disk type IDE, SATA or SCSI) kaspersky is not blocking that from devices control. it is suitable for only physical environment??????
  6. Hi, Thanks for the Information, but why then they give us Portable devices option in devices control?? Can we block partition of our hard disk by using these 2 options????????
  7. Hi, can any one please describe what happen if we block hard drives on devices control in KES 10 MR 1??? image attached. Thanks.
  8. Hi, i already completed KL Certified Professional exam and iam registered to the KLE 302.10: Kaspersky Endpoint Security and Management. Advanced exam. but i could not find the any online training program for that one. is there any online training??????? please help , i already do the exam in 2 times result was bad. now only have 1 time.... please .........
  9. hi, after encryption if we delete the original data, then some one edited it, how we can decrypt it???????? how i can get my original data??????
  10. Sorry for the not mention that. we are using latest versions(patch c included). KSC 10.1.249 aes_encryption_module_1.0.1.814 kes10win_10.2.1.23
  11. Dear All, when we encrypt the files and folder in PEN DRIVE it works fine, but if we edit that encrypted file it cannot decrypt. as a example we encrypt the text file , then we open it and edit(put some characters )after saving that file,we are going to decryption it but after decryption it not showing the original file and cannot decrypt. any solutions... please see the uploaded images...
  12. i see that wrong activation date. how can activate this key for that particular computer????? now date,time and time zone is correct but gives the same error message??????????
  13. hi, one of our customer is trying to activate his corporate license on windows 7 PC & he is getting error message saying that “Invalid Activation Date”. But customer says that the date & time and time zone was correct when he try to activate. We also uninstall the product using Kavremover tool & reinstall it. Then tried to activate but couldn’t activate the license key. Then we advise to customer to format the PC & activate the product. But customer says that he cannot format the PC because of critical application & data. Therefore he asking a proper solution for this from Kaspersky support. please find the attached screen shot.
  14. here with i attached the getsystem info. GetSystemInfo_ANJANA_PC_Anjana_2013_09_23_17_35_26.zip
  15. Hi, After install kaspersky internet security 2014 .it was install successfully.but after reboot the computer it will show the following error message "Previous application launch failed". With here i attached get-system info report of that computer. can any one help this matter... Thanks....
  16. thank you for the reply... the thing is there are no prompt active user for a password.i already wait for it but ask for only reboot.. :dash1:
  17. Hi, we are using KES 10 and after encrypt the Hard disk it is OK. after when decryption process it says incorrect domain,username or password. with here i attached error screen with authentication agent window. when we going to password recovery process policy not allowed to enter the access codes.with here i attached the images. any solutions......
  18. hi, you have to install plugins for that.for further information please follow the below url: http://support.kaspersky.com/9907
  19. Thank you for your valuable support. we can decrypt our pen drives using the create standalone restore utility.but when we use the Authentication Agent we get following error. with here i attached our policy setting also. can you please give some comments...
  20. hi, we are using kaspersky end point security 10, after encryption of pen drives (entire drive) it will 100% OK.but when we going to decrypt it will gives following error undetermined error please find the attached image. any solutions.... :dash1:
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