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  1. Still plodding on with this problem.


    Did another download of .831 and created yet another installation package AND stand alone install. Tried a remote install to the two machines at the end of the VPN - no change, still shows "Copying files 53%". It said that shortly after I started it on Friday evening, it still said it on Monday morning.


    So, did an other stand-alone install using the newest stand alone install package I created. That seems to install fine, except KSC 9 still says neither machine has KES installed and neither will do an update.



  2. Looks like I'm going to have to go to the problem site for something else so I'll give a stand-alone installation package a go. However, even if this works I'll regard it as nothing more a "fudge" until Kaspersky fix it....


    Well, created a "stand-alone" installation package for .831 and installed that on one of the remote PCs today since I had to go there anyway. It seemed to install ok, except now KSC doesn't see it as being installed at all! It sees the net agent on that machine but not KES yet KES seems to be running on it ok...


    Unless there is a simple fix for this I'm backing out the "stand-alone" install and remote installing the older version. At least that remote installs without all this crap with stalling at 53%.


    Not impressed. This has been dragging for months now and no answers from Kaspersky....

  3. Hi George,


    Appreciate your comments, there was nice to see someone respond. I like you have resorted to standalone package install, which is pretty rubbish.


    Ill raise a support request with Kaspersky and see if they can come up with anything. If i do ill post back here.


    thanks again,




    Hi Jon, it would be appreciated as I think there are a few of us battering our heads against the wall with this. I've not yet resorted to actually using a stand-alone package, primarly as that would involve either going on site (a royal pain) or giving the users there admin rights, which I'm equally loathe to do. The really puzzling thing, at least with my version of this problem, is that I can deploy to the same site remotely just fine. Equally, I can deploy locally - but try it to the far end of my VPN, not a chance....


    :blink: :ai: :aa:

  4. Seen several posts with people all having the same issue with me however they seem to go silent after a while.


    Im guessing that people have resolved the issues but havent posted the fix.


    I'm afraid Jon that we go silent after a while because the suggestions that have been made have had diddly squat effect, nor have any of them (to date) help shed more light on what is actually happening. So basically nothing new to report - the problem is just the same and we are no nearer to even figuring out why let alone fixing it. And no, doing a "stand alone" installation package is NOT a fix - it is a KLUDGE.





  5. you probably won't want to hear this, but Kaspersky goes through this every 3 years or so. I pretty much just plan for having a crappy time for a month or two with them, because, in the end, the rest of time + those crappy months is still better than the time we've spent with other anti-virus vendors.


    Well, excluding that Kaspersky "kill 50% computers and you can ONLY fix them on-site" bug from circa 2007 (I think). That one was a bit of a bear. :D


    I know what you mean - had to rapidly rollback an update on McAffee a few years back at a certain well known bank ("Fred the Shred") after the update started throwing up loads of false detections. Not fun when it's just been rolled out to 30,000+ desktops.....


    My own feeling is that the remote deployment mechanism just isn't robust enough. Why it works fine if I deploy NetAgent 9.2.69 and KES 8.1.0646 to the far end of a VPN tunnel, but not is just weird. Especially as the very same installation package of deploys fine on the local lan....



  6. Anything is possible, but wouldn't explain why I can deploy .831 to local machines using the package perfectly


    Yet, when I try to deploy across the VPN, it doesn't (with or without Net Agent) even after a complete remote uninstall of Enpoint 8.0.646 and NetAgent. Yet I can redeploy NetAget and .646 again across the VPN without a hitch. One of the machines had Kaspersky 6 on it, the other has only ever had Endpoint 8 and no other antivirus sofware.


    The whole point of KSC 9 and the NetAgent is so that I DONT HAVE to physically go and install it on remote machines.


    I've just retried the deployment after upgrading the hardware at the remote end of the VPN tunnel so now our main site has a Firebox X20e and the remote one a Firebox X10e (was a X5w). Still the same problem. However while sitting here on site and monitoring the target PC, it seemed to be doing something for while (20 mins or so) then nothing (no network activity). However still no evidence on the target PC that anything has actually happened (no logs or temp files I can find) and KSC 9 says "Copying files - 53%".


    Having just got over the frustration of the "unprocessed objects" fiasco and patch H to fix it when previous ones were supposed to (and why did that take 24 hours before KSC 9 stopped saying "unprocessed objects") I'm rather losing both faith and interst in Kaspersky.

  7. Hi,


    What version of Kaspersky Endpoint Security did you used? You should try to use the updated version which is




    Bincent :cb_punk:


    I've had this problem with two clients at a remote site ever since came out. I can deploy the previous version just fine, but 831 just won't go..... Not the only gripe I've got with Kaspersky....

  8. I've applied the Network Agent trace registry entries and try a remote install again. Hopefully that may give some indication as to why it never seems to get beyond "copying files".


    Would be much better if that functionality could be done via a tick box on the Administration Server rather than having to faff about installing registry settings locally.


    Now going to wait a good few hours and see if it produces anything.



  9. Don't take the percentage shown as absolute.


    It's jumping to 50% probably because the task checks for NetworkAgent installation, and it's already there so 50% is already done.


    While copying, the percentage shown in task progress bar is not related to the copying progress.


    Try double clicking the computers (individually) and check "do not disconnect from administration server". Wait for about 15 min and try to run the task again.


    I'd wondered about that, although it is exactly the same (straight to 50%) if I don't include the Network Agent in the task. Anyway, I gave it a try with "do not disconnect from administration server", left it running for 24 hours. Absolutely zip. No change. Exactly the same behaviour and no trace of anything actually having been done to the client PC.


    Getting to feel like this set of licenses will be the last we buy for Kaspersky, and switch to something where remote management works (also getting fed up with the stacks of read errors KES logs).

  10. I've seen this happening, sticking at 53% ("copying files") but when I check the client computer, KES is being installed. And about 10-15 min after that, the task gets completed.


    I think that if you wait long enough you will either get a "Completed successfully, waiting for reboot" or "Task Error". Have you tried that?


    Left them for 4 days at one stage (over a weekend). Absolutely no sign that anything had happened at the client end. It still reports .646, no indication of a reboot required or anything. Interestingly when I try and re-run the task the KES part goes straight to 50%, sits there for ages, nudges up to 53% and then nothing more for days.


    I use WatchGuard hardware as well. The IPS is just a hunch, because I have found it to occasionally impede transfer of some files. It could just be that the WG file signatures from one release differ from another and are interfering. In the WG policy manager, you should be able to increase the logging for each policy for monitoring. You can also uncheck IPS for the VPN policies (at both local and remote locations) and try again


    They are both Edge units so the VPNs are manually setup branch VPNs, not managed via Policy Manager, and as far as I can tell it is a straight pass through based upon destination IP address - no traffic filtering or anything.

  11. Is it possible that your network firewall has IPS over the VPN connection? It might be detecting something in the setup package and breaks the connection during the install. I'd try pushing out the network agent and KES separately to see if one or the other or both continue to fail with install.


    Could be, I'd have to check Watchguard's manuals as the VPN is between a pair of Firebox X20e's. Seems strange though that this only affects deploying .831. Deploying .646 worked (and still works) fine to these two machines. I have tried deploying the network agent and KES separately and KES still sticks at 53% of copying files. I've also tried deploying not using the agent - same result.


    Just looked at the logs of the two Fireboxes at each end of the VPN tunnel for an attempted remote install and there is no indication of the tunnel dropping out upto or after the point at which KES sticks at 53%. Any idea of any other logs I could look at to try to figure out what is going on please? As I said earlier, the install and setup logs don't help as none are created - they don't seem to be created until after the file copy process.




  12. I've been scratching my head over this for some time now and seen others have been having similar issues but no body seems to have found the cause.


    Basically it is a small network with KSC9 installed on a Windows 2003 STD server. There are 6 machines on the local network, the Admin server itself, the main server (2003 SBS), and 4 desktops. In addition there are two more desktops at the end of a VPN at a remote site (all desktops at both sites are XP Pro SP3). I downloaded KES 8 CF1 and created and install package, and did the same with latest network agent. Updated KSC on the admin server to the latest version etc....


    Now, delopying the new network agent and .831 version of KES 8 went fine to all the local network machines (including both servers, although I've had to remove it from the 2003 SBS server for unrelated reasons). I can happily deploy the network agent to the two remote machines. However, whenever I try to deploy KES .831 it gets as far as "copying files" and 53% and sticks. No errors, it just sits there (for days if I let it before stopping it). I can find no install logs with the correct dates on either of the two PCs for KES. The network agent yes, but not KES. I've tried delopying with and without the n etwork agent, an d using and not using the agent. If tried uninstalling KES and the agent and re-installing, but same 53% log jam with KES. I can happily uninstall and re-install the older release of KES (.6xx something, can't remember exactly off the top of my head). But .831 just refuses to play.


    Any pointers as to where to look next please?


    P.S. My reason for removing KES from the 2003 SBS machine was the after a set of updates about 3 months ago it bluescreens at startup/restart with KES 8 installed (either the .6xx or .831 version). I'm still working on that one.

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