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  1. Hello. I needed to stop KES completely. This is because individual components are locked down via policy, and while the issue is occurring communication with Security Center is lost so I cannot kill individual components remotely. I see your point though, so I will create a custom policy for this machine where I can disable components locally next time this occurs.
  2. I am having an issue with my wireless adapter randomly hanging a few times a week. After some troubleshooting I have narrowed it issue down to Kaspersky Endpoint 10. Symptoms: - Laptop drops wifi connection - Windows network tray icon changes to disconnected - Windows network tray icon completely unresponsive - 'Network connections' area within the Control Panel is unresponsive and hangs Windows explorer Resolution: Killed Kaspersky Endpoint, wireless immediately reconnects and all network configuration areas are responsive again. Device Control is enabled via policy, however we are only blocking removable drives not Wi-Fi. Network attack blocker is DISABLED. Network Agent: 10.1.249 Endpoint version: OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit Network Adapter: Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6205 Any help would be appreciated, thanks!
  3. Yes the events register on the administration server (which is the latest version I believe) under Reports and Notifications -> Events -> User requests
  4. I am having an issue receiving emails for only certain client events from Security Center. I am setting up email notifications within a client policy under the 'Events' section. The emails are set to 'Use Administration Server Settings', and I always receive the test email. I have narrowed down the issue to what I believe to be a bug in the way Kaspersky Security Center is generating the email, specifically regarding the BODY area of the email. I have attached two tcp dumps from our mail server, one successfully received event notification, and one failure. The email that is failing to be delivered to my mailbox is for the event type 'Warning - Complaint of device access blockage'. You can see that email does not seem to be terminated properly and times out. Versions: Kaspersky Security Center: 10.1.249 Kaspersky Endpoint 10: Not sure if anyone else has encountered something like this? successful_event_email.txt unsuccessful_event_email.txt
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