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A Dislikeable New Forum Interface [moved]

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:( I guess everybody were wonder why the Forum : Was taking longer to ending its Maintenance

Now  we know it was Due to new layout..Introduced by Invision Power which I'd rated

with 3 : The whole page looks blurry uneasy to read: My nickname was

changed by my Username >>Shuco which I used to Sign In

Now the question is "How to switch to normal Nick - Indio"

I don't find any Settings if open my profile..There's

no option to Do that..Any help welcome!


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Continued work on the forum is in progress. In time, your Display Name and Settings will be remedied. 

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:) Thanks to richbuff for that answer..Regarding the issue of Non-Displaying my really Nick

I found the way to fixed, from my settings Profile - But still haven't some difficulties

to navigate, read clearly and Testing links before sending  my posts


So here are some PROS  and  CONS

PROS: 1) Overall the surfing on the KL-Forum Interface is faster

2) The new feature of Notify the user of recent answers to an "x" Topic is a Plus

3) Include on Forum top bar Links like: Knowledge Base - Virus Desk - Twitter,.etc. oxon!  


CONS: 1) When I type any post and included links in former Forum version. I used to Tested my

links or any attached - Screenshot, video or file by using the "Preview" but now can

Not do that : When I'm on the Preview screen & Pass the mouse over

the link the "Hand icon" to select text doesn't appears


2) Blurry Text not easy to read : When a new question is posted its Tittle is bolded in green

but the Author nickname is hard to read: It need a darker backround theme. Noticed that

 they applied a soft green theme - On the 5More important topics..Do it in all the page  


3) Regarding the Ranking categories: Most Forums have a webpage, where explain

the different Rank positions like: Candidate for Newbies - Cadet I don't..

get it - Huha! and "Forum is my faith or Arthur Conan Doyle"..??


4) Can't find the webpage wit the Administrative rules - That most Forums has it at Front page

was removed.? Anyway if anybody have answer  or comments on this Forum version >>Send it


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1. Please, explain it with screenshots.

2. Also please post a screenshot with blurry text. I see anything clear on the Forum.

3. These are just a new posting rank and no more. The only difference is in a number of posts. But on my side, I find 1 post which solved somebody's problem much more valuable than 100000 posts which didn't solve anything.

4. We have a rules of any specific subforum in pinned topics section.

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Thanks for reply @Rodion Nagornov: Quickly I will go over each question

1) Happens each time I include links on my posts >> I will try to take a screenshot to posted

2) The blurriness is on the name of the member, who post the question: I'll try a screenshot too


3) The Invision Power - Should include a public explanation like other Forums software does

4) Don't find those pinned pack of Rules nowhere. Before it used to be in My controls 


To resume I'll posted back soon with screenshots: Now I apologize for comment on

the mikethebike thread,.Didn't know only authorized members can do that

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Re: Point-1) About being unable to Test links included in a post

before send it to forum HomePage: Here's the pop up

displayed when I Preview the posts & Try to test

links: Hope it opens >> Reply Please - Oops!

I remove the screenshot didn't open

I'll try another time soon:  Capture.zip

Edited by Indio

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