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Found 25 results

  1. I was surfing the web and accessing the Internet normally when suddenly I received a notification that there was a trojan in my computer by Kaspersky. I've tried running a quick scan and a full scan, but it doesn't seem to be doing very well. It still shows up when I use a web browser and log in to my personal account. One of the notifications below --- Event: Malicious object detected User: HUUPHUC\meoud User type: Initiator Application name: msedge.exe Application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application Component: Safe Browsing Result description: Detected Type: Trojan Name: HEUR:Exploit.Multi.Desert.gen Precision: Heuristic Analysis Threat level: High Object type: File Object path: https://sdk.iad-06.braze.com/api/v3/data MD5 of an object: F7C86BF2A8B02E5A77016F9A02CD1A1F Reason: Expert analysis Databases release date: Today, 7/23/2023 8:16:00 AM ---- You can see the image below Please help me fix this problem and give me a solution. Hanh
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  3. Hello, when I do a google search with "Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages" setting enabled, after I hit the "enter" button, the Firefox UI freezes for about 10 seconds. When I disable this setting the firefox works normal. Full sysinfo of the PC can be found here. Steps to reproduce: Install FF 117.0 x64 and Kaspersky Free on Win 10 Create new FF profile, open google.com, write anything to search box, press enter key Screen cast with problem - "Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages" setting enabled: Screen cast without problem - "Inject script into web traffic to interact with web pages" setting disabled:
  4. 启动卡巴斯基和卡巴斯基vpn之后,经常出现以下问题: 1. pip install命令返回无法验证SSL证书的错误 Could not fetch URL https://pypi.org/simple/seaborn/: There was a problem confirming the ssl certificate: HTTPSConnectionPool(host='pypi.org', port=443): Max retries exceeded with url: /simple/seaborn/ (Caused by SSLError(SSLCertVerificationError(1, '[SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED] certificate verify failed: self signed certificate in certificate chain (_ssl.c:1002)'))) - skipping 2. seaborn库不正常工作,返回端口错误 Error: failed to send plot to 3. jumpyer lab不正常工作,在关闭卡巴斯基vpn后正常工作 还有一些其他的异常问题,和上述类似地都是端口和证书问题,不再赘述。 对于是卡巴斯基安全软件还是卡巴斯基vpn导致的以上问题,我不是非常清楚。希望能得到解决。 联系方式: *****@*****.tld
  5. I'm using Kaspersky security cloud free. I use the URL Advisor for all website and the green shield icon appears beside every possible URL on every website. While it is a good indicator, it disrupts how some websites are displayed. Image below. This problem is persistent when the Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and maybe on other browsers as well, but I have not tested them all. In addition to this, the problem is persistent when Kaspersky URL Adviser and Kaspersky Protection browser extension are both enabled. I've tried enabling only Kaspersky URL Advisor and not disabled the Kaspersky Protection browser extension and this problem does not occur. I've attached an image to illustrate what the problem looks like. RED is a big problem. Yellow is also a problem because the placement or positioning of the Kaspersky icon is poor. The problem mainly happens in Google Videos section and Google News section. Please try to fix. And yes, for the time being I've kept disabled the Kaspersky Protection browser extension. Relevant specs: Windows 10 19044 (as per DxDiag) Kaspersky version: (j) Any popular web browser Hope Kaspersky comes up with a fix.
  6. Hello Kas Today I attempted to login to my.kaspersky account on my PC, after finding I couldn't remove an application. So I attempted the PC Clean in my Total Kaspersky Application. I was then requested a password, so I used what has been installed via my browser cookies. I have Google Chrome, Windows Edge and Firefox browsers. I found that none of the browser's will open my Kaspersky account, so I reset my password which seemed to go well, using the Kaspersky Virtual Keyboard until I tried to login again, but I cannot get access on my PC, but I can login on my phone, just no where else. Am also being asked for a 'captcha', but no captcha is being produced. Why am I being asked for a 'captcha' that's not being produced, as shown in my attached picture.
  7. Olá pessoal. Estou tendo problemas para navegar e consumir recuros da internet, minha internet é de 120 MB, porém o Kaspersky acaba limitando muito ela, fiz o teste no computador sem o anti-vírus e dava 70 MB (pelo WI-FI) e com o anti-vírus da de 3.5 MB a 8 MB. Alguem já passou ou passa por esse problema ao usar o Kaspersky ?
  8. hi, can you help me? My government has a web application called efaktur, but Kaspersky always blocks me when I want to access the site and download the certificate for the app. Can you help me how to allow this site efaktur.pajak.go.id:8443/pkp/ Because I have to disable Kaspersky first to access this site and this can make my pc infected with virus Thanks
  9. Buen día disculpen, hace 2 días que kaspersky no me deja abrir paginas en google chrome y mozilla firefox (que son los exploradores que e probado), desactivo el antivirus y puedo navegar, podrían ayudarme a resolver el problema? Tengo Kaspersky Total Security (i) De antemano gracias.
  10. Hallo, ich habe bis jetzt immer Kaspersky Internet Security verwendet und den Sicheren Zahlungsverkehr Browser benutzt, wo ich auch Lesezeichen angelegt habe. Nun ist die Lizenz ausgelaufen und ich wechsle auf das normale Kaspersky Antivirus Abo. Nun kann ich nichtmehr auf den Firefox Sicheren Zahlungsverkehr zugreifen, wo noch meine Lesezeichen waren. Wie kann ich diese einsehen und in den normalen Firefox Browser übertragen?
  11. So, I just got Kaspersky Plus, and the problem is that whenever I enter a new website in Firefox, I have to add the URL in the exclusions, because it gives me an error in the scan, and when I try to access the website without adding the exclusions, Firefox says the connection is not secure and won't let me access the site until I add to the exclusions
  12. I have noticed recently that upon generating a password using the password generator, and then accepting the generated password (closing the KPM generation window), would cause in quite a few cases to show password strength as "Medium" in the website view stating the reason password should not contain commonly used combinations. However, the password strength in the KPM window (while generating) would show up as "strong". Not sure if this is a bug, but if the password is of medium strength, it should not have been generated at all. If it is indeed a strong, then should not show up as medium in the website view. I have attached the password generation rules screenshot to this post. Windows Version: Microsoft Windows 10 Home, Version 22H2 (OS Build 19045.2728) KPM Product Version: / 1678708368_7358 / 1.0.523.0-
  13. Hi, I have Kaspersky Premium version I installed the Firefox browser and installed the Kaspersky protection and Kaspersky password manager extensions and I have a problem. The protection extension is shown in grey color, and the KPM is shown in red color and asks me to download and install the Windows app (screenshots attached). I'd be happy to get help to fix this issue.
  14. Actualmente pase de kaspersky internet security, a kaspersky standard, y he notado que cada vez que uso firefox el sistema se pone a consumir mas recursos, lo noto porque aumenta la velocidad del ventilador de la cpu, como que estuviera haciendo algo todo el tiempo, lo corrobore mirando el monitor de recursos, yo creo que es kaspersky que por alguna razon no le gusta mucho el firefox, y esta todo el tiempo buscando amenazas, o le resultan sospechosos los procesos de firefox quizas. A pasado de quedarse congelado firefox viendo youtube, y de escuchar el audio del video y lo demas todo congelado, y luego vuelve a la normalidad, por el momento estoy buscando el responsable de esos congelamientos de firefox, a veces lo ocasionaba el driver de nvidia en ciertas versiones, y justo ahora se actualizo el firefox, windows, los drivers de nvidia y pase a kaspersky standard, asi que son muchos cambios en el sistema y quizas alguno de esos cambios esta ocasionando algun problema de rendimiento. Nota aparte, kaspersky standard me informa que tengo instalada la extensión de kaspersky en chrome y firefox, pero no en edge, sin embargo si esta instalada, kaspersky no se da cuenta, la desisntale e instale la extension en edge, y kaspersky sigue sin detectarla, me dice sin activar. Ya encontrare al culpable del aumento de consumo, quizas es algo de nvidia o un bug en firefox que lo arreglaran en el proximo parche, de momento esos son los unicos inconvenientes que he tenido al pasar a la nueva version de kaspersky, me gustaria tambien que se vuelva a indicar la fecha y hora de la ultima actualizacion de las bases de kaspersky, en kis si lo hacia, ahora solo dice que estan actualizadas, por no se hace cuanto tiempo fue la ultima actualizacion. Estoy usando las ultimas versiones de todos los softwares mencionados, ya sea windows 10, kaspersky, firefox, edge chrome, driver de nvidia etc.
  15. Kav free installed, its full of redirect bugs. 20% of app links are broken. Hire me as a QA or rewards
  16. Добрый день! На днях перестали открываться сайты и загружаться почта через защищенные соединения. При выключении KIS - работает. Не работает ни в одном браузере, а также не подключается почтовый клиент. Все действия из базы знаний попробовал - сертификаты, настройки Firefox, и т.п. Пробовал в настройках KIS отключать веб-антивирус и почтовый антивирус - не помогает. Что еще можно попробовать? Спасибо!
  17. I can't connect to any site in any browser like chrome ,Firefox ... Always show a page with "no internet" In Kaspersky internet security 21.3 I don't know what to do I checked application rules ... Even turned off self defence and didn't find a file with name of avp21.3
  18. При входе в ksc web console с портом 8080 появляется такое окно (см.скрин) .Постоянно крутит в любом браузере. Все браузеры обновлены до последней версии. Брандмауэр отключен и на сервере и на клиенте. Правила для 8080 порта также были прописаны. Ничего не помогает... Не заходит и на сервере администрирования также. Странно, что примерно пол месяца назад заходил без проблем, ничего с того времени не поменялось, но теперь висит. Он как-будто пробивается туда, но ничего не отображает. Если же вводить неправильные логин/пароль, выдает ошибку. Что может быть? Ответов не нашел, а все что было по похожей теме - попробовал.
  19. Событие: Загрузка остановлена Пользователь: HAUNTED-FAMILY\HAUNTED-FAMILY Тип пользователя: Активный пользователь Имя программы: msedge.exe Путь к программе: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge\Application Компонент: Веб-Антивирус Описание результата: Запрещено Тип: Возможна неправомерная загрузка ПО Название: https://static.cdnativepush.com/contents/s/c6/b7/c6/4c93d7c7df25bc18c46ef02d5e/01302331659940.png Степень угрозы: Высокая Тип объекта: Веб-страница Имя объекта: 01302331659940.png Путь к объекту: https://static.cdnativepush.com/contents/s/c6/b7/c6/4c93d7c7df25bc18c46ef02d5e Причина: Облачная защита Можно узнать что это? Сделать с ним ничего не могу, даже не удалить.
  20. Since a week, my computer's internet connectivity is experiencing some issues. The internet connection is staying active in a way, but losing partially after a certain amount of time. All browsers start to show "ERR_CONNECTION_FAILED", apps and games gets partial internet connectivity, like in WhatsApp exchange of text messages happens, but no media or status, in game, many functionalities loses connection, like voice chat, text chat and changing settings, etc. I can't find any fix which is permanent, only a full system restart helps, but after sometime, again the same disconnection. Whereas, the hotspot that this same system is emitting, that doesn't loses any connection, with the hotspot, I can access the full internet on my phone. Please help to fix this, I can't understand if this is a problem of antivirus, or windows update or something else. Thank You
  21. Recently I've been having constant problems watching videos online. On some sites, like Netflix and Prime Video, I don't have any problems, but on others, like CTV, it's impossible to watch any video. Even YouTube crashes from time to time. On any site that I access (apart from those mentioned), I start watching any video, and after a few minutes of playback a message appears saying that the video cannot be played. Error code 241001 usually appears. The problem happens in all my browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Vivaldi and Yandex). I found a post from 2019 here on the forum from a person with the same problem, saying that it solved the problem by turning off Anti-Banner and Private Browsing. I've tried disabling both, but nothing has changed. The only thing that stops this problem from happening is disabling the entire antivirus. In my last test I turned off the antivirus for an hour and started watching a movie. About six minutes after the antivirus came back the movie crashed. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to solve this problem? My Kaspersky version is My operating system is Windows 10 Core x64, version 21H1, build 19043.2130.
  22. Here's an interesting article I have read recently regarding "malware hiding inside images". https://gizmodo.com/malware-images-virus-photos-pictures-how-block-antiviru-1849572516?fbclid=IwAR0bD94-LvGKCbznJ0Dh2wNH3xb_BFz0F-sJDAX92MKtqfY7UiKtUcQHHlo I personally did not know about this until recently. I didn't know that this was possible. But of course, this technique makes sense because images are clusters of data and there's data within the data. My question is simple, as the heading implies. Can Kaspersky security suite of software scan images for malware? I've kept website scans of all URLs enabled and I want every website that I visit to be scanned by my Kaspersky antivirus. I want to know, do Kaspersky's anti viruses also scan images along with the URLs on elsewhere on a website? If not, are Kaspersky working on this feature right now? If not, then my request would be to work on this. Thanks.
  23. So today i downloaded kaspersky today, beacuse I might have gotten a RAT. Turns out my senses were good becuase i found it! BUT when i want to do something with it for example try to remove it it just start loading and nothing ever happens. :C I tried restaring my pc but still no better.
  24. Win10系统,今日发现Chrome和Firefox两个浏览器无法上网(IE正常),尝试多种方法进行修复均无效,后发现暂停卡巴斯基保护后,两个浏览器居然就都可以上网了。但是一旦恢复卡巴斯基的保护,浏览器就又不能用了。 希望卡巴斯基能给出解决方案。
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