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  1. It is sporadic, and I can't seem to find a pattern. But it seems that it doesn't happen to everybody, and the ones it happens to, keep getting it. What seems to work is logging in as admin, disabling KAV service, rebooting, logging in as admin, starting the service again. At this point you get an error that the service started, but stopped immediately. That's OK. Then reboot again, and HTTP traffic is restored. The only question is whether this is only a temporary fix, or permanent. So far it's been a week since I tried this trick on one computer. That computer hasn't had a problem since. Today I had to do it on another computer. Also I confirmed that while this is happening to a computer, the computer's status is not available in Administration Kit.
  2. We're using KAV 6 for Windows Workstations in a domain with Administration kit. But lately, every once in a while, I've had reports that all HTTP traffic is being blocked on a workstation. And when I check it, sure enough. Regardless of browser (Firefox or IE), http traffic doesn't move. Ping, and all other network traffic seems to be unaffected. Reboot usually solves the problem. Although I had a computer where reboot didn't help. Also, in Administration Kit this computer was dim red. So it was out of reach completely. Stopping the KAV service, and rebooting restored HTTP access, and then I restarted the service and re-installed the Network Agent via Administration kit, and everything seems to be back to normal. The problem is that it's pretty sporadic. I can't duplicate it at will, but it has happened to several people over the course of about a month or so. The Web Anti-Virus settings are Recommended (buffering scan) Block Scan HTTP traffic Block dangerous scripts in Microsoft Internet Explorer Comments? Suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Yep. Happened twice for us too. This time under "Tasks" I see that "Real-Time File Protection" is stuck at "Reloading settings". Shows up as "Inactive" under applications. If I start it, it stays running for a few secons, before going back to "Inactive". But still KAVMM.EXE is using about 10-15% of processor time, which sucks... Oh well, I guess it'll be another Friday night at the office, rebooting the server.
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