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  1. Sent for him. Took only about 4 hours for a responce from KL. Hello, autoit-v3.zip, Dwspy36.dll, mlvivzad.sys, save2pc.exe_, TDSSktkl.dll, wpv131227581607.bat_, zip.exe_ No malicious code were found in these files. TDSSpcuu.sys - Rootkit.Win32.Agent.fis, wpv831227675930.cpx - Backdoor.Win32.TDSS.bpm New malicious software was found in these files. Detection will be included in the next update. Thank you for your help. Please quote all when answering. The answer is relevant to the latest bases from update sources. -------------------- Regards, Vitaly Yakutenko Virus analyst, Kaspersky Lab.
  2. Ah alright thanks Lucian. Is there another way to prevent it from happening?
  3. Hi. Does Kaspersky block this kind of network attack? Its called IP flooding. What happens is, I will be playing a game on xbox live and once in a while there's a cheater who is able to completely disconnect my whole network from the internet (they do this in order to win the game). They have the control to keep me offline for however long they want, although usually resetting the router fixes it. I was wondering if Kaspersky blocks network attacks that happen through xbox 360's on xbox live, or if they even know about this. Any answers are appreciated, Thanks -Dave.
  4. I don't really view getting a specialized registry cleaner as practical. Whenever I uninstall something, I delete the leftover files, then run regedit and delete the left over registry entries in there, then its all gone. Even if you don't know how to do that, its not a must have. The average computer user, or at least from what I've seen, does not have one. Of course this is my opinion, but back to the point, as stated above Kaspersky does not do that, you could do trials of registry cleaners you like to see if they are compatible or not.
  5. Thanks- when is it expected to be released, and what are the advantages to it? Easier?
  6. For the rescue disk in KIS 2009 , why is the PE builder the only available one, I cant download a disk image from KL's website. I'm assuming It will be able to once its officially released? The downloads not available on the website yet in usa.
  7. Yea I agree with you on alot of apps its just grayed out, no option to make trusted or create a rule, So thats why I'm keeping it in automatic =]
  8. Yea the diagram helped me understand it ALOT. It also appears to me that there isn't as much of a difference in safety between training mode and automatic in version 2009, when in version 7 there was quite a difference. Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the help. I'l understand this eventually. Got so use to version 7 =] But from that diagram it seems like in automatic mode it would be able to make a good desition on its own, maybe a virus would be put in low restricted-high restricted,ect, rather then blocked to begin with by having it prompt for everything,of course thats AT WORST, I definitely feel confident with automatic. Thanks. :cb_punk:
  10. What would you recomend I have the firewall do? I know what the pop-ups mean when i get them, its just a matter of being able to create a rule via pop-up. Should I put it at default?
  11. Since i know my systems clean, I have it allow everything, but it will prompt for anything new that comes in. So is this training mode? As you can probably tell its a hard switch from 7-2009 for me
  12. Im not paranoid, I just always liked to have the best settings, but Im having trouble making rules through the pop-up windows, so I figured doing it this way might work.
  13. I think this way, I wont get pop-ups now, but say an unknown trojan tried to download itself, even if it was placed in trusted, i'd get a prompt, and know to block it. This is the equivalent to training mode, right?
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