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  1. Yes, I recognise this. The new version of Kaspersky seems to be having some issues with encrypted connections. I have been getting time outs, slow connections and errors including ERR_TIMED_OUT and ERR_SSL_VERSION_INTERFERENCE too. The solution is to add the website to the exclusions in the section: Settings Additional Network Encrypted Connections Scanning/Manage Exclusions Or just select Do Not Scan Encrypted Connections. I'm not convinced the scanning of encrypted connections increases your security to be honest and I didn't have an issue with the 2018 product but have no access to a system running it as I updated to the 2019 product. Going to stick with it until they sort it out. Cheers!
  2. Received a prompt response from Kaspersky support with instructions to add an exclusion to the Network encrypted connections scanning. I reversed the change I made in Network ports (as in first post) and navigated to 'Network Settings', 'Manage Exclusions' and added the server domain for my ISP's mail server (pop3.virginmedia.com). I had to add only the pop3 not smtp as I was getting receive errors only. You can find the specific network address in the email client's account settings for your own ISP. Cheers!
  3. Hi. I'm going to have to report this to Kaspersky support but just in case anyone is getting errors in their email client upon sending/receiving mail from the ISP's server, try unchecking port 995 in the network ports setting: As soon as I installed the new version of KAV, I started getting send/receive errors in Outlook 2016. Disabling the email protection element didn't work but pausing the application protection did. Looks like the new version has an issue in my case with communication to Virgin Media mail servers with SSL encryption enabled. It's repeatable and immediate. Toggle the POP3 SSL network port active and there are errors 0x800CCC1A reporting unsupported connection encryption type. Toggle inactive and mail receiving completes without issue. Cheers
  4. Also, This is as a result of an AutoKMS activation of Microsoft Office or Windows products. If you check scheduled tasks, you will see the startup task scheduled. I'm sure you are well aware of it however ;-) Look here
  5. I was wondering what was going on there. Yes, I have the same issue and it is indeed the injection of the script that does it.
  6. I had that too tonight. I updated one machine as a test but was able easily to re-add the license and the backup one via My Kaspersky remotely. This is on ©
  7. It is indeed. I received the email too and may applied for a key! Nice touch Kaspersky!
  8. Plus the posts above, This issue is entirely due to the injection of a script into the browser. I demonstrated the issue but have had no acknowledgement from the developers that this is an issue. In order to stop it happening, you need to untick the script injection option within the Network settings under Traffic Processing. See if that helps. If not then it is another issue but it's something to try.
  9. I include a video to demonstrate this error. I search for BBC in Chrome Version 49.0.2623.87 m with extension enabled and script injection on - crash. I then turn the extension off in Chrome - crash. It is only when I untick the option to inject the script in the KAV interface that I can search without a crash. I believe this bug needs to be addressed. I believe it to only apply to Kaspersky anti virus not the internet security product as I can't replicate it on 2 other machines with the latter product installed. I posted a similar video in another thread but have had no response, so I'm highlighting it again for the benefit of developers. Thanks.
  10. Unfortunately this injection breaks Chrome. To reproduce, ensure Chrome is fully up to date: Version 49.0.2623.75 m and open a new instance of the browser with this traffic processing script enabled. Search for BBC news and "Aw, snap" error. Unticking this Kaspersky option and the page loads fine. I've been getting blank pages returned from search requests and all sorts of pages not loading even after MR1 of and it's Kaspersky that's doing it.
  11. Looks like it's live now in UK. Just ran manual update and it is showing (a) EDIT on 2 PCs out of 3. Still rolling out.
  12. Confirmed here too. KIS2016 16.01.445 and Chrome Version 48.0.2564.103 m and on Windows 10 x64 The BBC website uses flash BBC video news section doesn't load. I have had also to manually add an exclusion for Chrome not to scan encrypted traffic due to another issue with the latest build. That's 2 issues now that are having a very detrimental effect on web browsing. I suggest a quick response from Kaspersky to patch these issues. EDIT: OP - Have you got the Kaspersky Private Browsing button engaged? Turn off blocking on the BBC website. This was the cause of the flash not loading for me
  13. Report sent to technical support. Extraction works in VM using 7zip and subsequent installation on target PC from extracted files works fine.
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