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  1. Hi all, I am experiencing scrolling issues with my touchpad on Google Chrome and these issues are related to Kaspersky Internet Security 2017 running. On the internet there are many people affected, and there is a thread on bugs-chromium as well; https://bugs.chromium.org/p/chromium/issues/detail?id=647038 In my case when browsing the scrolling functionality just goes away after a minutes or sometimes a few seconds. Switching tabs or reopening Chrome usually solves the problem, but does not prevent it from coming back again. Reinstalled Chrome and already tried to disable some events in chrome//flags but nothing helps. What does help is however shutting down Kaspersky which of course is not preferred because I installed Kasperksy for my safety. Please note further that I am not a technician. I am a home user that choose Kaspersky to protect its computer, especially when working online. I do not want to do difficult things in order to solve this myself -- this is basic program functionality and Kaspersky should really try to fix this without me having to do something. Anyway, is there anyone that already has a solution or worked with Kaspersky to get this prioritized? The Chromium-bugthread shows people that tried to work with Kaspersky and provided logs etcetera but they simply did not get any result. Please advise. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for your suggestion. I tried it but unfortunately this does not solve the problem for me. To give an example of the screen I am getting as soon as I am plugging in a thumbdrive please see the attachment. That is the screen I am trying to hide - it should do the scanning but not pop-up with this thing.
  3. Hi all, I use Internet Security 2017 and have the scanning of external drives enabled. However I would like Kaspersky to hide the popup that comes up as soon as you enter a drive into the computer. So I do want Kaspersky to scan it, but I do not want it to show me this pop-up screen. It should only alert me if something is wrong (virus detected etc.) I'm fine with the little icon showing that it is doing something but not the big banner thing... Is it possible to do that? I run Windows 10 (64 bit) as a Home User. Please advise
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