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  1. KAV support said they received numerous calls regarding same issue. They asked to set current report task to manual and create a new report task with same settings to see if issue happens again. This is what they are telling everyone, I will do this and report back. Thanks.
  2. On the phone with KAV support now - will update with results.
  3. Yes, I opened a ticket online this morning and will call tomorrow. Thx.
  4. This started happening this morning so I stopped the email report task from running, changed the schedule to weekly instead of daily and rebooted. This stopped the duplicate emails from generating finally. I have not changed the schedule back to daily until support can investigate. I don't want to flood my inbox again.
  5. Reports are configured to be emailed daily at 8am. This morning I received same report for about 30min continuously, hundreds in all. This has never occurred in the past so it may be related to daylight saving time change. One thing of note - in previous daylight saving time changes the alerts would offset by one hour but this morning they were sent starting at 8am as if KAV security center was confused with the time. This is running on Windows 7 Pro and the time changed accurately for daylight saving time.
  6. Running Kaspersky security center 10.2.434 and have it setup to send daily email reports. This morning it sent me about 1000 duplicate reports! I suspect this is related to daylight saving time which occurred this morning. I rebooted the server and changed report schedule to weekly until this is resolved. Any ideas? I contacted support but they are not opened until tomorrow morning. Thx.
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