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  1. I'm guessing that when you try to add a new device when your allocation is full asks you to which device you want to disable?
  2. Also, It might be worth running the Norton Removal Tool before installing KTS.
  3. I have KTS...that's why I posted in this forum!! What I was asking was...why is there only the option to backup to Dropbox and not other on-line storage services i.e. OneDrive.
  4. The only option you get is for Dropbox, are there any plans to add OneDrive? I guess many are in a similar situation to me with an Office 365 subscription which gives you 1TB of OneDrive storage, great for backup.....but not with Kaspersky
  5. I had the same issue, check the thread below on how to fix it. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showtopic=341379
  6. I went to do some researching and it appeared Windows certs are not used in FF and needed to be installed, did this and set to scan HTTPS, and it worked. I came to reply it was OK and you said to do the same thing! :bravo: I only installed Kaspersky last night and to be honest if I didn't know a bit about computers I'd have been stumped. I was using ESET for all my families devices, which just all worked without any issues, but they wanted £40 this year (even with discount) which seemed a bit steep. As my wife's bank would let me have Kasperski (same protection) for £7 I though I'd give it as go. Although Kaspersky is rated well as an AV, it's not been the smoothest of installs, but hopefully I know the 'tricks' now! EV= Extended Validation Certificate Thanks for your help
  7. Ah that makes sense as I do you the x64 version of FF. I would have thought FF used the Windows certificates? I imported it into there, but I'll check in Kapersky. The reason I imported it was that in breaks SSL connections which use EV (PayPal etc), so I have https scanning off. Another problem to check.....
  8. This isn't your usual "I can't enable extensions" as I've no extensions to enable! After installing Total Security 2016 there are no extensions for Safe Money etc in Firefox. I had xpinstall.signatures.required as false even before installing. I uninstalled, ran Kavremover to totally remove everything, rebooted and reinstalled again, but still no extensions in Firefox?
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