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  1. I have the same problem happening to me. The Kaspersky Desktop App crashes and I see multiple icons in the taskbar. One is colored and the others are grey. When I mouse over them, they all disappear. The only way to get the app running again is to reboot the computer. This started happening 2 days ago and the only changes to my system was and update to Perfectdisk, my disk defragmenter. It also only appears to happen when the screensaver is active as I used the computer for most of the day yesterday and it didn't happen until I stop using the computer for the night. When I woke up today and deactivated the screensaver/used my pin to get back into windows the app was crashed. KiS version Windows 10 ver 1703 build 15063.608
  2. This is stupid you keep telling us to open tickets at my.kaspersky.com and they keep telling us to upgrade. Fix your software. I have the most recent version and cannot access my AT&T Uverse NVG599 configuration page at my ip is Uninstalling KiS gives me access again but once I reinstall it's broken AGAIN! What other info could you possibly need? Fix this, it's been going on for years with your antivirus. Maybe instead of the forum mods telling us to submit tickets you should get with the software devs and just fix the problem!
  3. Same issue, I try to load Facebook and it's all Japanese symbols. KIS version©
  4. The cold war is over. Can't we all just hug it out? ------------------------------------ //edit: Let's see what important information is posted about this in the near future. Until then, repeat post the workaround, and temporarily closed to manage the chat. Also, you can stop Explorer and re-start it again.
  5. It doesn't only break the start menu, past issues they've had with the context menus etc have actually broken my OS and actually forced me to reinstall. So I'm more than a little leery about what else this bug is doing to my system. I don't even have KAS installed right now because of that fact. You have to remember too that the preview was out long enough for Kas to not have these bugs on release, plus they seem to have issues with every windows release since windows 7. Also none of the other antivirus programs are having these problems. Like I said Kas needs to get it together and start fixing these issues in a more timely manner. Lastly if they were the best AV then they'd have these bugs fixed before the OS went live.
  6. and that is why when my subscription is up I'm dropping Kaspersky like a bad habit. They are far too slow to update their software. This isn't a program that I can get by without it's my damn antivirus software and it's malfunctioning. Kaspersky needs to step up their sorry ass game.
  7. I know logging off then on or restarting the system will refresh the screen but I don't want to have to reboot or relog every time I make a change. When can we expect a fix?
  8. Hope you have an answer/fix soon. So far because of bugs with Kaspersky between windows 8 and now windows 10 I've lost at least a month of my paid subscription.
  9. It also appears that KIS breaks Runtimebroker.exe. My cpu is constantly at 10-50% for Runtimebroker.exe. I have since uninstalled KIS and the entire system is running perfectly.
  10. I had KIS 2015 I've updated to 2016 and done a full clean install of Windows 10 Pro x64 but it appears that with Kaspersky installed it breaks the Windows Start screen. After the computer is fully boot up I try to pin or unpin items to the start screen and they won't appear/disappear. Also if I install new programs they won't appear in the start menu until I reboot the computer. If I uninstall KIS (a) the start menu works perfectly. How can I get this fixed? Kaspersky is really disappointing me lately with all the issues it has every time there is a SP or New release of windows. ------ //edit: add quote below:
  11. No other antivirus I've ran causes this issue. Please keep us updated as to what the status of this is.
  12. What is the status of this. It's very annoying to have to reboot my computer after every time I open itunes.
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