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  1. Hi Lodore. Finally you installed KIS. I hope you enjoy it, as much as we do. Good luck with your KIS.
  2. I use two kinds of ICQ. A Pro version at home and a Groupware at work. I don't have any kind of problem with them.
  3. Hi Lodore. I know every PC has your own setup, like each user has your own way to setup it. This is a forum, where everyone can say your opinion and discuss about it democratically.I´m sure it´s easier to get a common sense here, than people start to realize what my signature really means.
  4. Hi Mele. I know everyone has your own opinion. But to me, I uninstalled PG a long time ago, and I don´t miss this program. Web-AV is one of the fetures I like most.I used to be a NOD32 user and Imon still has a wrong way to open some sites.Even using Web-AV in maximum setup, I can watch any kind of videos, open a lot of sites that Imon can´t allow me to, and as I said before, I use KIS with all modules in maximum setup(no I´m not crazy, I´m a KL products beta tester) and I´m very happy with KIS.About heuristics, I´ll wait KL Team releases them to say something about it. I hope you don´t get mad about me.It´s just my 2 cents.
  5. Hi Lodore. I think you have decided buying a KL product. I see some posts from you at Wilders. KIS is update in the weekends too. And why are going to buy KAV, instead of KIS ?
  6. I never had a right mind. I use KIS with all modules enabled and sometimes I get bored since PDM hardly popup something. And I must thanks KL because I know they are working in the lab right now, to protect us, while some others company prefers to rely on heuristics and will update their AV only monday. And I´m sure in the right time, KL will release their heuristics(too bad, we can´t test it), and we will see how it goes.The others companies can laugh when this kind of test is released, because is the only test KL still loses.The others tests, I don´t need to say anything, because everybody knows KL looks in rear-view mirror and say: Look all those dust they´re eating.
  7. I´m using Web-AV setup up to maximum and can watch my favorites Senna´s video at YouTube without any kind of problem.The only module running in recommended setup is File Antivirus, but scanning all kinds of files too. Unfortunately, this kind of thing happens.
  8. +2. No bugs at work with 4 PCs and at home with my PC. I'll install KIS in my brother's laptop tonight too.
  9. According to IBK, he already saw the new KL's heuristics in action. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...ndpost&p=222904 Let's wait, to see how it will work.
  10. I would buy KAV or KIS if I were you.Of couse it's my 2 cents. At my work, We have 4 PC.All of them had NOD32. Now that the licenses expired, I installed KIS in all of them. I don't have any kind of problem with them. We're going to buy those licenses as soon the trial period expires. At home, I don't need to say which suite is installed there, do I?
  11. Please, uninstall your build 303, reboot your PC and install build 411.
  12. LOL. Hi Don. To tell you the truth, I´m downloading then English version just to compare with my Build 411 rebuild 4 to see if those .loc files didn´t change. If it´s ok, I´ll send my localizations to Max, as soon as possible.
  13. I´m sure when KL Team releases the new heuristic, it will be an excellent step ahead. Too bad, we couldn´t test it, but anyway, december is arriving soon.
  14. You can read here: http://www.mozilla.org/security/phishing-test.html And here too: http://www.pcworld.com/article/id,127894/article.html
  15. I like the GUI too.My problem isn't a resolution size.My problem with it is that I need an additional line in some modules.Without it, I can't translate it in the right way.
  16. I e-mailed Max about that too.No answer from him yet. I can't translate 2 kinds of differents phrases in a single space for it. For Brazilian localization, I need 2 spaces instead of just one.
  17. In just one week, Secunia found another problem with IE7. News here: http://secunia.com/advisories/22542/ You can test it here: http://secunia.com/internet_explorer_7_pop..._spoofing_test/
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