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  1. Hi, I am trying to add an application into trusted group from the KES 10 SP1 Policy by the following steps, 1- KES 10 Policy --> Application Privilege Control --> Application Control Rules (first settings button) --> Add and When I tried to refresh it is not displaying anything in the list of applications, with same settings it is working in KSC 10 MR1. For traces of admin server you can find on the FTP server named "applicationissuetraces.zip". see the attached screenshot. Anyone else faced this issue or not?? Thanks !!!
  2. Hi, Sorry my bad, Thank you for correction. It was the misunderstanding because we did the installation as Recommended. You can Mark it as Solved. Thank you !
  3. Hi, It's also the same in my case. No information displayed in "Executable Files" container. Thank You !
  4. Hi, Thank You, File is uploaded with name "KSM10 Package creation issue.zip". Thanks !!
  5. Hi, Files are not uploaded. Not able to connect to FTP, showing Login incorrect. Can you check if someone changed the password from your side? Thank You!!
  6. Hi, I am trying to create a standalone package for KSM 10, I am using the latest build which is available on the Kaspersky's Website. While Creating standalone package it gives a blank screen. see the attached screenshots. This issue was in KSC 10 MR1 also which was fixed after applying the patch C. Let me know if you need any trace files or logs? You can find the PSR on the FTP with file name "KSM10 Package creation issue.zip". Thanks!!
  7. Hi, I need to be specific, If I put the exclusion for the folder like (C:\work\*.log). It will work or not? If the VM is in the network then how \\adobe will work? KSV is installed on the host and many VM's are hosted on particular host and the content of the "adobe" folder is not shared then how it will exclude the "adobe" from all the Vm's? Thank You!
  8. Hi, You can find the requested files named as "KSC Update traces.zip" on the FTP: data8.kaspersky-labs.com. Yasi_Shehzad Let me know if need more information. Thank You!
  9. Hi, I restarted the Server itself but same result. Thank You !
  10. Hi, Reference to the below post for KSC issue, On KSC you can see the details. http://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?showt...p;#entry2313640 Thank You !!
  11. Hi, In previous post, then RED one was in Google Chrome and attached one is in Mozilla. Thank You !
  12. Hi, While downloading "u0607g.xml", its giving me below error. see the attached screenshot. Please advise. Thanks!!
  13. Hi, Many times, but no luck. I tried to create a new report also but same result. Thanks !!
  14. Hi, It was just happened only once. After that no issue reported, will update you if it comes again. Thank You !
  15. Hi, Yes I read this that this is VM Ware limitation but whether "\foldername\ and \adobe\" comes under environment variables or masks? Thank You ! Yes I am asking about folder exclusion, we are facing VM slowness on some hosts where KSV is installed but they are working fine when we move to another host where Trend Micro is installed. Thank You !
  16. Hi, I was following the scenarios which we received through email, and was testing "application start up control". Everything was working fine, application was blocked, events were registered in local machine as well as on the sever but I am not able to see the same thing in the report. Traces were collected during the scenario testing and they are uploaded on the FTP server with the file named as "scenarios.zip" and you can find all the details in the zip file. Thank You !!
  17. Hi, Thank you for information. So it means that if I didn't specify the full path, then exclusions will not work? Right? As I asked in 1st part of my question? can you please confirm it? Thank You !!
  18. Hi, We have installed KSV 2.0 agentless in our network, just want to get some clarification about the exclusions. 1- If I add the exclusion like \foldername\ (not full patch only folder name), it will work or not? e.g. "\Adobe\" or "adobe\" 2- Or I should have to add the full path of the folder which I want to exclude from Real Time Protection/Scanning. e.g. "(C:\Program Files\Adobe\" 3- for extensions it will work properly (.txt, .log, .doc). (This will work?) Please update which one is right method to add the exclusions for the folder? and how it will affect the working of the VM's in both scenarios. Your prompt response will be highly appreciated. Thanks !!!
  19. Hi, The time is different and on KSC it coming repeatedly. On the KSC its showing me that "Download updates to repository" completed, but when I go to results it's showing me below statement; "Update task Complete. One or more update components missing from update source". After every update the status is same. see the attached screenshot. I have collected the trace files and you can find them on FTP named as "KSCupdatetaskissue.zip" Let me know if you need more information. Thank You !!
  20. Hi, You can find here in the attachment. Thanks !! GetSystemInfo_LAPTOP_SYSTEM_2014_10_26_12_23_54.zip
  21. Hi, The error message is little different and that was on the client machine. If you want me to remove it, update? Thanks !!
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