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  1. One other possible fix. Ensure that whichever browser you are using is up to date. This may not work since your operating system updates have not been applied. Quite often when significant updates are installed google chrome issues an updated version of its browser. Edge would be updated with the update and I’m not sure about other makes of browser.. That’s about all I can think of apart from 'biting the bulllet' and installing the Win 10 updates. It must be the case that security will degrade without them and that may be causing the warning you are getting.
  2. I remember that I searched the kaspersky database and there were three suggested fixes, the task manager one that you’ve found, the second one which I’ve forgotten noe but didn’t work for me, and the third which was a change to a setting in the bios. That fixed it. (Can’t remember what the setting was) Sorry not a lot of help but search the help files for kaspersk and you'll find those three answers.
  3. Did you alter the setting in your bios? This is the third of the suggestions that Kasperskey gives you when you click on the 'more information' link that comes up in the notification that you are getting about screenshots. (that cured my identical problem)
  4. Quite often I can be on a website (with Google Chrome ) not intending to make a purchase but then decide to buy something. This site is not currently in my safe money list for protection. As I progress towards the payment page I want the protected browser to activate but of course it doesn't . Is there any way to easily launch the protected browser page without exiting the site, adding the site to Safe money, then starting all over again? (I note that i can launch the secure keyboard from the Kaspersky shield at the top of the browser but not a protected browser page) I'm using KIS 2018
  5. This is showing when using safe money protecting browser only since installing Win 10 Creators update. I have checked that virtualisation is enabled in bios, Virtualisation is supported and the function is box ticked in safe money settings. Using internet security 2017. Have run update and assume patch E will have been installed with the latest definitions . Any ideas?
  6. Soon I guess Kaspersky internet security 2018 will be out. I am currently running the 2017 version. When my license runs out on that, if i purchase a new license for another years use, will it automatically upgrade the programme to the 2018 version or will i have to uninstall 2017 and install 2018 buying a license for that. (and is there any difference ) thanks
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