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  1. I'd also like the offline installer for 2019 Internet Security. I can't find it. //Edit: Please contact Tech Support for any unfindable installers.
  2. Of course I restarted. But forget it, I found the removal tool and used that. A suggestion for any Kaspersky staff ..... you need to clean up the Windows 10 upgrade procedure. It sucks. And you also should recognize where the existing installation is located and install the upgrade in the exact same place and not under Program Files. Every user does not want their installations under Program files!
  3. So I upgraded to Windows 10 and after that Kaspersky prompted to do an upgrade and it did that. But it did not uninstall my original version in C:\Kaspersky. So I have 2 versions installed now! I tried to get rid of the old one but I get the attached message. So I uninstalled the new one thinking that I would be able to uninstall the older one after that ... but no luck. So this stupid upgrade left my system in a @#$%ed up state!! How do I clean this up?
  4. Forget it. It's working now. Horrible upgrade experience. Had to use the removal tool and of course I lost all my settings. You guys need to do a much better job with the upgrades. It's ridiculous that you can't carry over ANY settings from the previous version. And tech support actually told me I needed to remove my own Symantec Ghost software which I need for my job. Geez. You think they would be damn certain that it is a real problem for their software before they go ahead and tell customers to delete their own. I'm glad I didn't listen. Also glad I didn't listen to the "requirement" of having to install Kaspersky in the default location. As I suspected, that is total BS as well. Horrible upgrade. Kaspersky should make sure this stuff works much better before going live with a new version.
  5. Are you really serious??? You are saying this problem is because it's not installed in the default folder?? Then why would the installer allow this switch? /p "INSTALLDIR=C:\Kaspersky"
  6. Before installing 2014, I uninstalled 2013. The folder C:\Kaspersky was gone after the uninstall and reboot. When I installed 2014, it installed fine. There were no errors or issues when installing. And why on Earth would I have to install in the default location?? I NEVER install under Program Files. I always install in a folder off the root. I do not like installing under Program Files. Are you saying Kaspersky will not work properly if installed in a different location? If that is the case, then that is just plain ******* nuts! And it may be time to go back to Symantec or some other security vendor.
  7. Just installed KIS 2014 and when I select Settings -> Computer Scan, it does not display anything. I get a Windows "hourglass" for about 15 seconds or so and then nothing comes up. It just displays the settings for the last option I happened to be on. If I select Scan from the home screen and then "Settings and schedule", I get the pause and then the settings screen with the right side of the window blank.
  8. You say Kaspersky already knows about the issue!!! And yet, it is STILL an issue.
  9. You know what SHOULD make the fix happen sooner? Kaspersky caring about the money that customers pay you for products that are supposed to work as intended. But your response suggests that we are simply an annoyance to you. Not a priority. Not important. But our money is, right? Nice job.
  10. This didn't work. Any other ideas to get this to work again like it did in the previous version? What changes were made to the Auto Update feature in this new version that could be causing this?
  11. I unchecked this setting but it is still not updating automatically.
  12. I'd rather it update the way it used to instead of every hour. I believe automatic means it updates when updates become available. And I don't have it set to application startup.
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