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  1. Hi everyone I have three questions, first, let me tell you more about the setup I have, I installed admin tool on one Server and created two policies, one for server and one for workstations, then, I created package for server, and pushed the installation to all my 5 servers, I did the same for workstation, except I didn't push the installation package, as current PCs have Norton Antivirus, and I need to uninstall first (uninstallation requires a password, so I have to do it manually), anyway, my questions are: 1) On the servers, when I hit update, it says "Update is controlled by administrator", how to enable automatic update push from the main server or enable manual update from each server? I guess I have configured the update portion in the admin kit! 2) when installing Workstation server, I go to the server share folder and install the package from there, but KAV on client machine does not seem to be connected to the server, my custom policies are not loaded?! why? 3) on that client machine, he is using Outlook 2007, seems the KAV firewall has blocked everything, coz Outlook is not working after installing KAV(POP3 works, but IMAP and hotmail do not work), even after I disabled KAV, it didn't work? any ideas? Thank you!
  2. Thank you guys ... I will come back to you when I apply the steps ... I'll try to write a quick guide and publish it here .. lolipok .. I replied to your message. Thanks again
  3. Hi all, We recently bought Server and workstation licenses to deploy Kaspersly antivirus on our School. I tried to read the documentations but I'm lost. what I need to know now is what are the steps to successfully run and install kaspersky antivirus?! Do I need to install both kav6.0.3.837_winserven.exe and kav6.0.3.837_winwksen.exe on a server or the winserver version is enough to create an installation files that can be remotely installed on all machines. I have 5 Windows Servers and about 300 workstations .. what is the best way to install and deploy this antivirus. I have downloaded almost all documentations and installations file .. here what I have: bssWKFStrial30.key kasp6.0.1591_adminkiten.exe kasp6.0_adminkitgsen.pdf kasp6.0_ak_admguideen.pdf kasp6.0_ak_deployguideen.pdf kasp6.0_ak_refguideen.pdf kav6.0.3.837_winserven.exe kav6.0.3.837_winwksen.exe kav6.0_winserven.pdf kav6.0_winwksen.pdf Thank you!
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