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  1. Kaspersky Android Antivirus Version: Force close after downloading the file and cannot detect Malware and when it is scanned it also gets forced close repeatedly and after deleting the Malware file Kaspersky returns to normal after deleting Is there a possibility that after downloading the file it can bypass Kaspersky Android Antivirus? because I use Kaspersky opentip is also detected
  2. Hi I am Nathans, I need help how to fix and remove the notification from http://wpad . domain . name/wpad.dat (Application name: svchost.exe) from safe browsing, and its kinda annoying to if get that like everyday and it can slow the internet, even I update the filmware from my routers still same to for all info User: NT AUTHORITY\LOCAL SERVICE User type: System user Application name: svchost.exe Application path: C:\Windows\System32 Component: Safe Browsing Result description: Blocked Type: Malicious link Name: http://wpad . domain . name/wpad.dat Precision: Exactly Threat level: High Object type: Web page Object name: wpad.dat Object path: http://wpad . domain . name Reason: Databases
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