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  1. Почему при создания туннеля на выходе всегда один и тот же IP? Что нужно сделать чтоб на выходе были разные IP?
  2. Когда я включаю Kaspersky Secure Connection разные серверы: америка, австрия, германия и т.п. у меня по прежнему не работают facebook, instagram и twitter. Думаю что множество сайтов тоже. С чем связана данная проблема?
  3. Hi, I live in India and I recently purchased Kaspersky Plus (1 device - 1 year). I want to know if my family member, who lives in the US, would be able to use its VPN service connection or not. I am aware that I'll have to first disable the connection from my end in order to activate it on other device. But if I do that, would they be able to use it in the US - considering the shift in the region. (India - United States). Please let me know.
  4. Hello guys. I've been trying to connect to Indian server but it won't connect. I am using android. And the crazy part is it works fine in windows. Other country servers is working fine(android). I am trying to connect for 6 hours. Steps taken- 1)Close the app and force stop it in android setting and the restart 2)Used different internet providers (mobile data and wifi) 3)Clearing cache data 4)Uninstalling and Installing 5)Shutdown and rebooting mobile device. I am out of ideas.
  5. Merhaba, Bugün Vpn için yıllık abonelik aldım ve laptopuma kurdum. Kaspersky içinde kurulu geliyor sanırım uygulama ve uygulamaya giriş yaptım. İçerisinde bulunan vpn bölümüne tıkladığımda ise tepki vermedi. bir süre sonra bildirim panelimde Kaspersky vpn başlatılırken hata diye uyarı aldım. ekran görüntülerini ek'te bulunmaktadır. Geri dönüş yapmanızı bekliyorum. 3 iş günü içinde dönüş alamazsam aboneliğimi iptal edeceğim. Satın aldığım vpn'i kullanamamamın bir anlamı yok. Hata dosyasının ayrıntıları; Bugün, 27.08.2023 17:45:36 Veritabanları güncel değil Koruma 0 Bugün, 27.08.2023 17:45:00 Uygulamayı yüklediniz Koruma 0 Bugün, 27.08.2023 17:46:02 Uygulamayı etkinleştirdiniz Koruma 0 Microsoft Edge uzantımızı açın ve hareket halindeyken korumayı yönetin Koruma 0 KA\ka Bugün, 27.08.2023 17:47:00 Kaspersky VPN başlatılırken hata oluştu Koruma 0 Bugün, 27.08.2023 17:47:40 Kaspersky VPN başlatılırken hata oluştu Koruma 0 Bugün, 27.08.2023 17:49:57 Kaspersky VPN başlatılırken hata oluştu Koruma 0 Bugün, 27.08.2023 17:50:37 Kaspersky VPN başlatılırken hata oluştu Koruma 0 Bugün, 27.08.2023 18:02:44 Kaspersky VPN başlatılırken hata oluştu Koruma 0 Bugün, 27.08.2023 18:05:30 Kaspersky VPN başlatılırken hata oluştu Koruma 0 Bugün, 27.08.2023 18:06:10 Kaspersky VPN başlatılırken hata oluştu Koruma 0 Bugün, 27.08.2023 18:06:50 Kaspersky VPN başlatılırken hata oluştu Koruma
  6. Enabling Anti-phishing (I have the VPN disabled) on my iPhone now causes many apps (eg, Reddit, YouTube, Twitter) and video websites to not work. This is a new issue. I try to keep Anti-Phishing enabled as much as possible on my phone, particularly when browsing the web. This has started being a problem only in the last several weeks or so.
  7. Hey, I am a new User, but I am already unhappy. Although fully secured with Kaspersky, my Private Phone which is connected to my Jobs Servers (Michelin), was hacked. I found the case. I don't know what got hacked but found the worm, see picture. How can I ad it to the infected apps list? I don't have a Laptop with me, I am on a Business Trip. But I Have Time if needed I can travel wherever you say. How big the damage done is I have to find out with the IT from Michelin. Thank You in advance, you can call/text/email me 24/7 another sleepless night, I thought I was pretty safe with Kaspersky. I am Sorry but I have no trust into Kaspersky anymore. I am ready to talk to Customer support. I am in Germany/Rheinland-Pfalz at the moment.
  8. Com a ativação da VPN, a velocidade da internet reduz e o PING fica mais alto. Podem verificar nos Prints abaixo, 1º VPN ativa. 2º VPN desativada. Vou desativar uma VPN e cancelar a subecrição.
  9. Hello comrades, The reason for this topic is a concern that I have and that I believe that many users may also have in relation to the data handling policy in the Kaspersky VPN service. The objective here is to discuss the opinions, concerns and needs of users. Knowing that the VPN service has, as one of its main target audiences, politically exposed people, activists, journalists or anyone who needs privacy, anonymity and protection against political persecution, I would like to propose a debate regarding what type of data Kaspersky collected when users connect to its VPN service and how Kaspersky deals with them in case of requests from authorities. 1) Is using Kaspersky VPN safe under these conditions? What are the guarantees? 2) Does Kaspersky use RAM servers technology? Do you intend to use it one day? 3) What exactly are the logs and data currently collected and maintained by Kaspersky? 4) How long are they kept? 5) Is there any intention to use any No-LOG policy in the future? 6) Is there an intention to subject the service to some type of independent audit? [removed] A definitive response from the team in public addressing these issues with a dedicated FAQ thread about the service would be most welcome to all users. Thanks in advance.
  10. Добрый день, столкнулся с проблемой настройки Kaspersky Secure Connection на роутерах Keenetic при помощи клиента OpenVPN. Выполнил все согласно инструкций с сайта Kaspersky и Keneetic, проблема возникает в том что соединение на роутере через VPN устанавливается, но после подключения ни открывается ни одна страница в интернете, перелазил форумы ни где нет так таковых примеров и решения проблем по доступу в интернет через Kaspersky VPN на роутерах Keenetic.
  11. Hi, I am using Windows 10 and just bought and downloaded Kaspersky Premium; the Kaspersky version is I have tried using OperaGX as usual while having the VPN active and it's just having connection issues, everything else is working fine with the VPN. Unsure on what to do, I have added it to the Split Tunneling option to not use the VPN but it does nothing. Thanks in advance for any help :)
  12. I'm unable to stream Netflix US, UK, Japan. OS - Win11 [21H2] Subscription - Extended version
  13. Hi, I'm unable to download the Open VPN profile for any region. I get a pop-up error 'Sorry an error occurred, please try again later'. I've tried from multiple different browsers, devices and internet connections. Is there an update restricting users from using OpenVPN?
  14. The vpn which can be availed through the kaspersky app is faulty for me ....it keeps disconnecting.i have the kaspersky plus plan so its not Like I've exhausted my quota.Please look into this. Device name: Samsung Tab A7 App version :
  15. Раньше все работало но сегодня через этот впн не получается зайти в инстаграм ( премиум версия впн) в чем причина, стоит ли подождать или можно искать другой впн
  16. у меня впн не включается что делать
  17. Hi, I lose access to the internet inside my WSL2 as soon as I turn the VPN on. With VPN: ~# ping www.google.com ping: www.google.com: Temporary failure in name resolution Without VPN: ~# ping www.google.com PING www.google.com ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from maa05s19-in-f4.1e100.net ( icmp_seq=1 ttl=55 time=80.2 ms 64 bytes from maa05s19-in-f4.1e100.net ( icmp_seq=2 ttl=55 time=137 ms 64 bytes from maa05s19-in-f4.1e100.net ( icmp_seq=3 ttl=55 time=82.3 ms 64 bytes from maa05s19-in-f4.1e100.net ( icmp_seq=4 ttl=55 time=84.8 ms I tried to exclude whatever WSL2-related processes through the SPLIT tunneling option to not use VPN, in vein. Any pointers would be highly appreciated as this makes Kaspersky VPN almost non-practical to use in my situation. ps: My /etc/resolv.conf looks like this, nameserver and ping also fails while VPN is on. Thanks. - Avo
  18. Bugün kaspersky plus satın aldım hemen hızlıca kurulama geçtim lakin kurulum yaparken yükleme başarız oldu dedi ve bilgisayarım enfekte olabileceğini söyledi. Kaspersky TDSS KILLER ve VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL ile tarama yapmama rağmen her hangi bir tehdit bulunamadı. Kurulum yapamıyorum, hep aynı hatayı alıyorum. Bu sorunu nasıl çözerim? Yardımcı olursanız sevinirim.
  19. Dear Team, i dont know why this issue is coming while installing VPN separately! and with KASPERSKY Total Security package VPN not installing automatically! previously its installing without any issue!
  20. W10 Kasperky Plus vers. It seems like after the latest update my Kaspersky VPN won't work anymore, tried a reinstall but didnt work. Is it offline or something is broken?
  21. Bonjour je suis étonné de voir aucun topic sur ce sujet ! heu... ULTRA RAPIDE ??? est-ce une hérésie ??? Des années que j'utilise le VPN et depuis quelques mois la vitesse en téléchargement est de 650ko/s en moyenne ! alors qu’auparavant était de 3.5mo/s ! Testé sur plusieurs PC et résultat identique ! Une solution pour retrouver la vitesse d'avant ? merci pour vos réponses
  22. I am using a laptop (Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-7300U CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.71 GHz) with Windows 10 Pro ver 21H2, OS Build 19044.2728 running Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Windows ver The license has expired and I wish to change to Home Premium plan for 1 to 3 users for one year with VPN and Password manager. I did the Eligibility check but it gives me an option to only renew the existing product/license and not to change to a different plan. Kindly advice as to how this change can be made at the earliest. Srinivasan
  23. my vpn allows me to connect to any website, but not to instagram, I have already tried to clean cookies, cache and nothing to solve, I need a solution to access instagram. Thanks to anyone who can help.
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