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Found 12 results

  1. I'm unable to stream Netflix US, UK, Japan. OS - Win11 [21H2] Subscription - Extended version
  2. Hello, I'm using premium customer and using VPN services and I found some wired issue from current location = Australia. Without VPN = OFF - Open URL - https://www.google.com, precise location is set to Australia by default and IP address detected is . With VPN set to New Zealand - Open URL - https://www.google.com, precise location is still set to Australia by default but IP address is set to New Zealand Looks like Google has updated their IP range in their internal geo location system. Kaspersky have to look into this issue to update to correct Ip address to get precise location when we access Goolge.com
  3. Com a ativação da VPN, a velocidade da internet reduz e o PING fica mais alto. Podem verificar nos Prints abaixo, 1º VPN ativa. 2º VPN desativada. Vou desativar uma VPN e cancelar a subecrição.
  4. any one know how to fix this error i got and i just switch old version to New version yes i got 2 Subscription Licence Same account dev Not reply my report. Also i try to activation my key code VPN the say activation in progress application is stuck Loading Also I accident close. and i try to opne the damm error pop out You already use this key f up bro my VPN not unlimited at all 🥺
  5. Был бы пробный период, после которого я бы никогда не купил VPN! Что он есть, что его нет! Будем это считать платой за урок!
  6. Hi, it looks like Kaspersky VPN was downloaded and installed together with Kaspersky Anti Virus on my laptop. I only paid for Anti Virus, and have a licence only for that as far as I know, but I also see Kaspersky VPN appear on the list of installed programs. It's not active I see when checking online with "What is my IP?" but because I have not paid for it as a separate program when I bought Kaspersky Anti Virus that is logical. But I just wonder why is it appearing on the list of installed programs. Anyone here that can satisfy my curiosity?
  7. I have bought KASPERSKY VPN I want use it for watching NETFLIX but isn't work. It's B...... your VPN.
  8. Ich habe seit Kurzem einen interessanten Anzeigefehler. Wollte nur einmal wissen, ob anderen einen ähnlichen Fehler haben bei der Anzeige.
  9. I'm unable to connect to the domain "https://www.hotstar.com/" when Kaspersky VPN is active. I'm connected to the "India" server yet facing the issue across windows, android and iOs Error trace: An error occurred while processing your request. Reference #219.65ad4d68.1655475046.1117b31b
  10. Добрый день, столкнулся с проблемой настройки Kaspersky Secure Connection на роутерах Keenetic при помощи клиента OpenVPN. Выполнил все согласно инструкций с сайта Kaspersky и Keneetic, проблема возникает в том что соединение на роутере через VPN устанавливается, но после подключения ни открывается ни одна страница в интернете, перелазил форумы ни где нет так таковых примеров и решения проблем по доступу в интернет через Kaspersky VPN на роутерах Keenetic.
  11. Чтобы в полной мере пользоваться vpn дома, мне нужно у wifi роутера изменить Wan Type на PPTP. Для этого этого мне нужно знать "User Name", "Passport" и "Server IP/Domain Name Address". С первыми двумя вроде как понятно, это просто мой логин и пароль от Касперского, но вот где взять значение для 3 пункта. Совсем не понимаю. Ps имеется подписка на vpn от Касперского 1 год - 5 устройств Модель роутера: TOTOLINK-KIT-A3002RU-V1.0.2-B20170904.1531
  12. Hello, I'm running v21.3.10.391 of Kaspersky PVN (paid version). The VPn seems to be working just fine. But, when I run a DNS leak test on https://dnsleaktest.com/results.html, it confirms that DNS is routed via my local ISP provider, AT&T, through their DNS servers. I can also confirm that while the DNS address is listed as and for "wi-fi" and is and for the Kaspersky Data Escort... the DNS Name is attlocal.net. This is the AT&T DNS server. My PC is connected to the AT&T router and that router can not be configured to change the DNS settings. How do I enable a DNS tunnel to protect DNS queries from going to AT&T? There's little point in using a VPN service if my traffic is visible to my ISP.
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