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  1. talking about this i yust sended the link to this forum guy called harlan4096 since he asked me to provide the link!
  2. so i recently made a post and i asked a question to a mod about this so he told me to make a post about this! heres the virustotal link:https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/274655e208fdbb597a5dd9b8538d15fa1e388be7b3365eb01db357d3318180ad/relations why is this probably malicious? well recently theres been a thing going on on youtube that includes file sharing. its for a program called alkad rust(its a client that host servers for the game called rust its free) and its becoming quite popular. apart from this client theres people making loaders that allow modifications on this client since its allowed on some specific servers where people are allowed to use this modifications whit no restrictions and you fight whit other people that have the same programs that modify. talking about this modifications half the time this videos are filled whit kid things like minecraft npc's dancing so they can probably trick kids into downloading these programs. and what does the modification programs have to do whit this? well half of these PAID and FREE clients/modifications are malware and include mainly crypto miners or RATS so today i have this exe that only gets 8 virus total scans and its a supposted cryptominer from i was told . I was actually going to run it but i got kinda concerned . so i did some research and kapersky detects it as good ? im shure this is a cryptominer. If not a cryptominer then it still potentually malicious and can cause harm to peoples pc dont know how to hide the link to the file so ill wait for a mod since the mod that i was talking 2 said: When posting suspect - potentially malicious URL(s) or files to the Community for review, modify the information so it's not *live*
  3. also where or in what part of the forum can i make a post about a exe file that i think bypasses kapersky scanning so it doesnt get detected? its a cryptominer im pretty shure would be nice if we could do it right here!
  4. i didnt see this was on the beta testing products etc but ok im using windows 10 and i used kapersky free since my trial is over (still waiting for christmass so i can buy it) i used the free version to scan this massive file and it came out as safe but i need specific directions of what it installs and does so i used kapersky threat intelligence portal to scan it . so im kinda asking if i need to buy premium on kapersky intelligence or can i do it whit the dialy trials . Also i used my dialy premium use and when i tried adding the file it was kinda big like 20 gigs so i yust added the exe(downloader) and it needed the other files so ? do i buy premium since i dont know if it supports massive files
  5. so i scanned this big file thats a downloader and it yust scans it and says its safe?? and I know it might be safe but i need more details of what it does so i when to the scanner on the threat intelligence portal and it scanned it perfectly but... theres a problem the downloader needs like 6 extra files that are 2 gigs each and the intelligence portal cant scan big files so im here to ask to the professionals for help! so if yall know pls tell me ! heres the report hash:B66157F16489B018CCEECD7B2275D70F1D261A245D3BA2F19F027D4A4B2828CA
  6. so i've looked at the apps in "prevencion de intrusiones" and theres nothing wrong or weird running
  7. how do i find this feature since my kapersky is in spanish for somereason? i press alt f12 and still cant find it
  8. hello i've been kinda concerned since theres aloot of weird stuff on my netstat that looks very odd does anyone know how to find RATS or how to remove them?
  9. im not shure it its safe but from what i heard its that it use to steal people passwords and they also have dlls for stuff and they never really checked the dlls and made shure that they where safe thats why it gained a load of contreversy. but the conclusion is that its not malicious? im super confused?
  10. also is kapersky threat intelligence good for scanning dlls? https://opentip.kaspersky.com/BCD7A153C91DC7932937A16E9F041ABE310D1304BFFF5523198F867A9C5689BC/results?tab=upload it doesnt really give me aloot of info even whit a full scan
  11. the installer is not malicious but the EXE that it downloads is a keylogger Mod Note: link removed.
  12. also why does kapersky say that this program called exloader is safe:https://opentip.kaspersky.com/7AD99C1905E0C0CA46BD97650A50645592A6006F05062AA4580198C41C6491A1/results/suspiciousEvents its a well known keylogger and has cause a load of contreversy on reddit. its a installer(setup) . the program in the installer is probably the keylogger or maybe the loader and if you wonder why i keep replying whit more programs its yust cuzz something feels off about kapersky threat intelligence portal like really off its eather 100% accurate and doesnt give false positives or its detecting programs and dll's as safe
  13. hello i've been using virus total for a while to spot rats and it works pretty well but when i use kapersky threat intelligence it doesnt detect the rat and says its safe https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/a1d2e9ae54bb0227f48f80afdae9b16fefa2f989a6bec0ae3415bb05d5e72593/relations https://opentip.kaspersky.com/A1D2E9AE54BB0227F48F80AFDAE9B16FEFA2F989A6BEC0AE3415BB05D5E72593/results?tab=upload if you wonder how i know the dll its a rat is because. 1.-comes from a not repuateble website 2.-its a crack 3.-URLDownloadToFileW URLDownloadToFileW is normal to find in dlls that are rats
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