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  1. Hi there, thanks for responding. I agree, they are indeed different subscriptions. I was wondering if there was any method in which the software does upgrade itself automatically based on the product code. Also, I would be purchasing it physically so there isn't a question of getting it from the website. I do know that we can add license codes to our account, even physical ones we purchase can be linked to our account in the mykaspersky page, so can we just remove the devices online from the expired code and then add the devices to the activated subscription that I would have purchased physically and activated in mykaspersky account? Thanks in advance.
  2. I am an old user of KIS. It recently got changed to Kaspersky Standard on my MacBook Air 2017 (MacOS12) during my 3 year license. It is now about to expire, and I would like to know, if I want to shift to Kaspersky Premium (I like premium more as it is much more feature rich), will I have to reinstall Kaspersky, because we would like to continue to use it without interrupting the existing setup, and can we add the premium key in the activation page so that it activates itself once the existing standard key expires in the same software so that it updates itself to premium automatically?
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