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  1. I have Kaspersky Internet Security 21.3(h) on a win 10 21h2 enterprise desktop and i have advanced disinfection technology turned on
  2. Hello Kaspersky community. since yeasterday my kaspersky product kaspersky internet security got extreamly slow removing malware 1 malware took 5-10 minutes to be removed by kaspersky rtp sometimes does not remove them and when scan will remove virusses it take 10-15 minutes pr malware to be removed
  3. Hi there Kaspersky, i wish you guys chould make a kaspersky product thats more specific for gamers, and the name for the product chould be Kaspersky Gamer security like McAfee have made one named McAfee for gamers
  4. Hi forum how do I do so Kaspersky detect dangerous JavaScript files automatically
  5. Hi forum I wonder what is the best settings for protect and performance in kis can u guys send a cfg to some good settings or is default settings just best to have??
  6. Hi Kaspersky community. I was wonder which of the 4 kaspersky av products is the best product for best protection but also for least money. Which product should i go with if i want to spend as little as possible but at same time get the best protection from kaspersky
  7. so its only kaspersky security cloud that have database stored cloudly
  8. hi kaspersky, i was wonder is the kaspersky databse for all products stored cloudly or localy on your pc
  9. only the ransomware i had got removed by file antivirus the rest was removed by scanning the files not by the file antivirus send it to your tech guys so they can fix the issue or do i need to get the h patch for kaspersky bc i run 21h2 of windows 10
  10. it dosent alerted me because my steam was open omg im stupid
  11. dear Kaspersky i maybe have found a bug in kis for me i donwloaded 2k+ malware but the rtp on kis does not remove it or it find them very slow and remove them 2x slow as it find the malware on my windows 10 home 21h2 machine
  12. hi i whould like to know when the kis mr5 is gonna be released and what new features it come with
  13. hi community my kaspersky does not detect dangerous/pishing pdf files what should i do to make kaspersky detect pdfs
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