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  1. In Portogallo, KIS e KTS sono ancora venduti nei negozi al dettaglio e IT su una carta con un codice da grattare. Spero che arrivi anche in carta fisica per la nuova gamma di prodotti.
  2. Sono assolutamente d'accordo con te @Francy61. Dovrebbe continuare come è sempre stato prima. Un saluto JP
  3. Salve ragazzi. Salve @EkoSixStrings Spero che questo metodo di acquisto raggiunga il Portogallo. Penso che se ci sono problemi con un acquisto online (metodo in cui non sono esperto), il supporto tecnico in portoghese (basato su un altro continente) non dovrebbe essere in grado di risolvere i problemi di acquisto del prodotto, in quanto non è specializzato nei metodi di pagamento bancari in Europa (commissioni, leggi bancarie, imposta sul valore aggiunto(IVA), ecc.)
  4. Buongiorno a tutti. Buongiorno @EkoSixStrings e @Francy61 Scusa, non parlo italiano quindi sto usando il traduttore. Spero che gli acquisti con carta fisica raggiungano i negozi al dettaglio / rivenditori in Portogallo, perché oltre a non dover acquistare online, dato che non mi piace quel metodo (inoltre, non ho una carta di credito e sembra anche che Nexway sia un po' complicato e amano mettere molti ostacoli in questo acquisto, anche pretendendo copie di documenti di identificazione personale), inoltre non mi piace il sistema di rinnovo automatico, né il metodo di pagamento perché quando l'acquisto online è completato, la licenza è valida a quel momento e i giorni vengono detratti immediatamente quando il denaro viene prelevato dal conto bancario. Saluti cordiali
  5. Without a doubt.🙂 Thank you very much and @Flood e a esposa de Flood and have a nice weekend (in principle, if nothing goes wrong, as so far KIS is still quite functional, for the time being, of course).
  6. Hello, @Flood and Flood's wife, how are you and your family? Thank you for the clarification provided.🙂 I was enlightened by your answer and sorry for bringing up a subject that had nothing to do with the requested help topic ("Web Antivirus removing content from Search results").👍 My cordial greetings🙏
  7. Greetings everyone. Hello @Flood e a esposa de Flood and @celsurf This also happens to me on Chrome, it's been a long time but I haven't worried. I use KIS 21.3(j) I think that if you disable the URL advisor in the internet settings the problem goes away. But I personally prefer to be told if the link is secure. On a news site in my country, the images, for example, disappear and only the green symbol remains. But since I have KIS with a valid license for a few months, it still has support, I will not buy KStandard yet, which still has many bugs, in addition to losing money buying it before, because the new products according to the knowledge article provided, do not has an activation code, so it would not accept my current KIS license. As the news page also appears before and after activating the URL consultant.:
  8. Good day @Igor Kurzin Thank you for the precious information provided.🙂 That way I'm free to install the new version until mid-summer (when my current license ends), while I analyze the evolution of the new product line in the community. Best regards.🙏 JP
  9. But I'm still not interested in updating it at the moment. In many countries it has not yet come out (Italy, China, Russia). In my region it has already arrived but I still want to wait a while. I still want to know how the new product behaves due to the doubts that arise here. Of course, the company's goal is to quickly adopt the new product line. In addition, the Kaspersky website writes the text attached to the image that I place, which leads to many doubts. I would just like to know what plans Kaspersky has for keeping support and database access up to date. Will it be a month, a year? At my dealer they still sell old product cards. Just wondering how long Kaspersky supports KIS?
  10. I'm still fine with KIS. I therefore do not intend to change and install the new Kaspersky Standard in the medium term. I would like to know if someone can tell me what is the expected period for support to the old KIS? Thanks
  11. Hello @Flood and Flood's wife If it's a known issue and not an issue, let's wait for the next release of new produto line. Let's see if I can make the purchase, as I don't have a credit card or smarthphone for the "strong authentication" required in the EU, but a relative of mine has already offered to help me with the purchase using his credit card and his equipment for that. I was informed by the support chat (I hope they didn't make a mistake) and if my relative's bank doesn't interfere with the purchase, it seems that I can use my email to link the license to My Kaspersky, with the address of the cardholder credit account of credit card that belongs to my relative. I hope I'm lucky.🙂 Best Regards🙏
  12. For example, this old Formula One game that I play already indicates: Supplier: Image Space Trusted Group: Trusted Reason for moving to the group: Information from KSN Digital signature: missing
  13. The Xbox game bar as shown in the image at the beginning of our conversation maintains the same behavior: "Reliable Group: Reliable KSN information (local cache) Certificate Status: Error verifying signature. (attached images). Digital signature: Microsoft Corporation" In the file properties image there is no signature separator.
  14. Hi @Flood and Flood's wife I did the clean uninstall/install as you indicated. The problem remains. The file that appears in the image has a digital signature and shows in it: KSN information (local cache).
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