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  1. Good Morning. @nexon , thanks for your enlightening answer.🙂 JP
  2. After a few days with some regularity in the signature update, another day without viruses, malware and threats (almost twelve hours at the moment without database updates).
  3. Finally updated after a long wait. Personally, I think that even with the protection of KSN, Heuristica and the cloud, these delays in updating the database are a factor of insecurity in the product. Best regards
  4. Sorry again for my insistence: But is anyone in the same situation as me, with more than 15 hours without updating the database (I'm in the CEST-1 local time region), as shown in the image I put?
  5. Thanks @harlan4096 for your response. It was enlightening and made me more peaceful (especially coming from a moderator).
  6. I hereby complain that in the last three days, after a period of regular signature updates, it seems that the cyber world for Kaspersky is no longer having threats, only updating the database once a day. Good thing my subscription ends soon enough to switch to an anti-virus with more regular updates.
  7. My KIS (i) has not updated for more than 10 hours as shown in the picture. Is this a general problem or a bug on my part? JP
  8. Good night. Database updated at 5:41PM (CEST-1), no need to use additional server (which I preferred not to use). Best regards
  9. No @Berny It automatically upgrades from one of the servers mentioned in the list. @Flood and Flood's wife Hi how are you. Yes, it seems that the situation is chronic.
  10. Manual update performed (this database distribution date took 10 hours: 3:46 PM (CEST-1). This is the only handicap on Kaspersky since I have been using it since 2012, because even with the current geopolitical problems it is the one I trust the most and is most efficient. Best regards
  11. I'm feeling insecure with KIS, because in the last few days the date of distribution of the database exceeds 12 hours or more. Yesterday it only updated once and today I have the database at 5:31AM and my local time is 5:30PM. What is the matter with Kaspersky servers, there are no threats in the world that are getting more and more dangerous or I already think that the blame will be on my side.
  12. Thanks @Schulte for the info. It hasn't been updated for an hour but now I did a manual update and I have the same time as you @Schulte, except that I am at a different time (CEST-1): 15:59
  13. Good day As the attached image shows there is a big difference between the last distribution time and the current time. I would like to know if it is something from my device or this database time is right. Thanks for any information.
  14. Hello @ttcath I can't clarify for you on this subject, I've just noticed that lately there have been a few days and regularly an unusual delay, even more than 12 to 14 hours between updates, which has me a little worried.
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