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  1. 😒 Worked beautifully. The internet just became so much faster! 😭 Oh why didn't I do this before?
  2. Due to speed issues caused on browsers, I tend to keep this protection off from all the browsers I use.
  3. Restarting the com Hi my friend, hope you're doing well. 1) Did that. Not sure if that was the solution as it works on other tabs that have Gmail opened on it. Only on one or two tabs it didn't work. 2) Yes, it's unchecked already. 3) This is the only solution that seems to work for now. But it's still a non-sustainable one. I am going to check this for a few more days and respond accordingly.
  4. I have observed this happening with Gmail with Firefox. (Don't know about other sites yet). I see the browser getting stuck at this portion with this site being called. Gmail does not open at all. How can I stop kaspersky labs being called every time I open Gmail or some other trusted website?
  5. 1.3) Open Open Settings > Security Settings > Network Settings > in Traffic Processing section disable "Inject script into web traffic" option, restart browser to see if the issue persists. This is ultimately what solved the problem. Hope it helps any others in need. 🤘
  6. Have opened an incident number: INC000016362101 I will keep this thread updated with a solution once received.
  7. I am using this Chrome / Edge Extension called Harpa AI and Kaspersky seems to be messing around with it across all my machines using Kaspersky (different versions). Steps to Replicate problem: 1) I have to EXIT Kaspersky FULLY for Harpa AI Extenstion to work with the paid version of ChatGPT. Remember, I have to EXIT Kaspersky and not just "pause protection". 2) VERY Strangely, with Kaspersky enabled, Harpa AI is working fine with the FREE version of ChatGPT but not with the paid version. Which leaves me in a quandary. What setting do I tweak within Kaspersky? @Flood and Flood's wife Any advice my friend? I want to use it with the PAID Version of ChatGPT.
  8. Thank you so much as usual. The upgrade worked out just fine and dandy.
  9. Thanks @Flood and Flood's wife, may I ask why I have to do this and is this mandatory?
  10. ONLY on Firefox, I am having this problem where no website is functioning and I am getting this page. Screenshot Attached. Exact Steps: 1) Problem occurs on Firefox. 2) I disable Kaspersky. 3) Takes about 30 seconds. 4) Websites begin to function normally on Firefox. 5) Enable Kaspersky, problem starts again - after 30 seconds. @Flood and Flood's wife any suggestions my friend?
  11. Just updating you before I stop replying to this. Kaspersky support did try and help me out, though at long intervals. I felt the support was turning into a wild goose chase with me submitting quite some information about my work environment and then ultimately it would go into offering remote support to my machine. I don't have time for all that. Thank you @Flood and Flood's wife and @Igor Kurzin for all your help!
  12. Has INC000014659183 been replied to? I've sent a reply 3 days ago. How does one access this INC on the website instead of waiting for an email? Do guide me please.
  13. Was out of town. Have updated the reply accordingly. Appreciate your effort to reach out.
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