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  1. Ok, so you will update "this topic" with feedback? Then I will check here in couple of days. Thanks
  2. Yes Microsoft Bing, but Previously it has worked & I could see green marks. Now what happened?
  3. Hi, I don't see green check mark in front of search results of Microsoft Edge anymore. Is anything wrong? URL Advisor is on in settings & it works fine with Chrome. Thanks
  4. Hi, After updating my Samsung mobile to latest Android update (seems to be 12), KIS no longer works & even when you try to run it by tapping its icon, its green screen shows for millisecond & then nothing happens. I uninstalled & reinstalled KIS, & problem is still there. I wiped partition cache (which is recommended after a big update for Samsung mobiles) to see if it solves the problem but no success. I see that some people have the same problem in the forum recently: Please let me know what you think about this or what would be the solution, Thanks
  5. Hi, I checked the reports & except "task started" nothing was there for days. It seems mail provider did that, but I'm surprised why it didn't move that email to my spam folder. Anyway thanks for the info. Today I found out I mistakenly posted in Russian language forum. Sorry for that! Thanks
  6. Thank you @Schulte, What is Kaspersky certificate & do I have to import that into Windows Mail (Windows Built-in mail client)? What made me sensitive about this is that: Yesterday I got email from (claimed to be: email AT engage DOT windows DOT com) with title "a small token of appreciation from the windows team". The email has no body (empty). I searched internet & found out the email actually has body & some links, & someone clicked on it & had troubles after. Is this a good sign that for example Kaspersky scanned it & prevented its body to be shown to me? Or its what mail provider did? What do you think? Here is the link of discussion if you are interested: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/a-small-token-of-appreciation-from-the-windows/b3d4f274-8b09-497d-b19f-9e490fb19577 Thanks
  7. Hi, I have these questions: - Does Kaspersky automatically integrate with Windows Mail & scan emails? - If I install any other mail client, does Kaspersky automatically recognize them & integrate with them, or I should go to settings & change something to do that? Thank you
  8. Thank you for quick answer @Flood and Flood's wife
  9. HI, I know that I can export the settings to a file for a later import. Does settings file include also current application rules? Can I save/export only application rules to a file? Thanks
  10. Thanks @Berny Please ignore my first question as I just found its answer.
  11. Hi, first of all I searched the forum but anything I search for I get “We couldn't find any results for .Please try again or create a topic”. Please let me know what I do wrong. My main question is: I am now in trial mode with 32 days remaining. If I enter an 1 year subscription activation code, that will extend this 32 days, or I just get a 1 year subscription? (32 days burns) Thanks
  12. Thanks @Flood and Flood's wife , It makes sense that with exception of KIS I deny other apps in windows firewall, until I install KIS. I guess KIS includes of several apps (or files) which I should find & allow them in firewall?I looked at article but I still don’t understand the difference of KIS and standard, is KIS now called standard or they are different?Thanks
  13. Thanks @Flood and Flood's wife & @Berny for your replies, I have another question which may be not related directly to Kaspersky but if you have any info, it would be much appreciated to share: In the meantime from uninstalling my previous antivirus to installing Kaspersky Internet Security, how can I deny apps which I don’t want to allow? There are hundreds of apps which is hard to go though windows firewall and define them. Should I switch internet off? I saw Kaspersky needs internet to download & install. Thanks
  14. Hi, I still don’t have Kaspersky & I have a question: Does Kaspersky prompts me if an application or file wants to access internet & askes me to allow it or not (& create the rule for it)? In other antiviruses this is called interactive mode or alert mode. This is important for me to know if I want to install Kaspersky. Thanks
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