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  1. Thank you @Flood and Flood's wife & @Igor Kurzin
  2. Thanks @Flood and Flood's wife Its 430MB. Its not very large, but generally speaking, is it ok to delete its content, or better to leave it as is. Windows 10 latest version, the Lab launcher only happened yesterday for 1-2 hours & solved itself after couple of reboots. I left the pc with google chrome playing youtube for long time, maybe that caused the issue?! Thanks
  3. Hi, yesterday I had problem with Kaspersky Lab Launcher taking 30% of cpu for a long time, & first thing that came to my mind was to delete KIS cache, I searched about it but got nothing worthy. The problem with Lab Launcher solved on its own, but generally I want to know, is it ok to delete cache folder's content (c:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP21.3\Bases\Cache\)? & does it help with potential problems or freeing up some space? Thanks
  4. Today I tried once more & didn't have problem. Either Android update or KIS update might have resolved the issue. It's funny that recently you have to wait couple of month to see your problem get away. Thank you Support for taking lots of files & info from me & not giving away even a little notification about how it goes.
  5. Thanks @Schulte That's exactly what I'm thinking. When you say you had the same thought "years ago", it means your thought now has changed, but you think the same. But I agree & wanted to hear it from a professional, I put it on public network.
  6. https://support.kaspersky.com/15163#block1:~:text=Public network%3A recommended,on the computer. This was helpful. Thanks
  7. Thanks @Berny I know that Kaspersky VPN is trustable, but since its a vpn I want to put more restriction on it comparing to my home internet, by setting it to public network, I hope what I'm thinking is right.
  8. Hi, I see that in this thread someone noted that Kaspersky VPN should be set to trusted network & another one said generally any VPN should be set to public network. Which one is correct? & what is the difference? FYI regarding connection, both works for me, don't have any problem. Thanks
  9. Uninstalling Android System Webview doesn't make any problem? I mean there should be a reason that its installed. Same question for Google Chrome. I see that you posted on July 29, on this date is there any new solution to this problem, please let me know. Thanks FYI I contacted support with lots of info & files that they required, but no response so far.
  10. Ok, so you will update "this topic" with feedback? Then I will check here in couple of days. Thanks
  11. Yes Microsoft Bing, but Previously it has worked & I could see green marks. Now what happened?
  12. Hi, I don't see green check mark in front of search results of Microsoft Edge anymore. Is anything wrong? URL Advisor is on in settings & it works fine with Chrome. Thanks
  13. Hi, After updating my Samsung mobile to latest Android update (seems to be 12), KIS no longer works & even when you try to run it by tapping its icon, its green screen shows for millisecond & then nothing happens. I uninstalled & reinstalled KIS, & problem is still there. I wiped partition cache (which is recommended after a big update for Samsung mobiles) to see if it solves the problem but no success. I see that some people have the same problem in the forum recently: Please let me know what you think about this or what would be the solution, Thanks
  14. Hi, I checked the reports & except "task started" nothing was there for days. It seems mail provider did that, but I'm surprised why it didn't move that email to my spam folder. Anyway thanks for the info. Today I found out I mistakenly posted in Russian language forum. Sorry for that! Thanks
  15. Thank you @Schulte, What is Kaspersky certificate & do I have to import that into Windows Mail (Windows Built-in mail client)? What made me sensitive about this is that: Yesterday I got email from (claimed to be: email AT engage DOT windows DOT com) with title "a small token of appreciation from the windows team". The email has no body (empty). I searched internet & found out the email actually has body & some links, & someone clicked on it & had troubles after. Is this a good sign that for example Kaspersky scanned it & prevented its body to be shown to me? Or its what mail provider did? What do you think? Here is the link of discussion if you are interested: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/a-small-token-of-appreciation-from-the-windows/b3d4f274-8b09-497d-b19f-9e490fb19577 Thanks
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