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  1. @Flood and Flood's wife Thanks for comprehensive & precise answer, I greatly appreciate the time you spent on this topic.🙏
  2. I think its harmless to add here my experience over the years with some applications like pc clean up, registry cleaners, backup programs..., that if after installation they added multiple background processes, startup entries & icons in system tray, to me its the sign of immediate uninstall. All I want is -once a while- clean up or backup, not every moment resource eating & pop up messages. Also a user should be very careful with registry cleaner, deleting wrong registry entries equals to applications errors or system crash, generally registry cleaner is not recommended by many including Microsoft.
  3. @Flood and Flood's wife When searching different words I see that some links haven't any mark next to them, obviously they believe it doesn't worth to correct this for v.21.3. The image below is when searched "basic":
  4. HI @Flood and Flood's wife & @Berny The problem was with Microsoft Edge & Bing, now I see if I search "today in history" in Edge except first 2 links (which supposed to be safe?!) the rest of the links HAS green check marks next to them, both the same with "open links in new tab" on & off which was a temporary work around months ago. I have (j), don't know about MR9, seems to be next generation, right? The Google Chrome never had any issues & is ok. Thanks
  5. Dear moderator who moved this post from KIS category to here, this is not about Kaspersky VPN. Please read it carefully.
  6. Hi, so far whatever vpn I've used, KIS prompted me to choose network type (trusted, public,..). Today I started a new vpn & KIS didn't prompt me, also it was not present in available networks. What do you think is wrong? Thanks
  7. Thanks @Schulte, I thought maybe when Kaspersky trusts an application doesn't control its activity in a smart way (or at least make an exception for Microsoft Defender), but didn't know I can manually tell it to do so. As you showed, I found it in application rules in KIS. Thank you
  8. Hi, sometimes I run a full scan with Microsoft Defender. Today I looked at task manager: Question: Why Kaspersky (while not scanning) should use 30% of cpu when another trusted legitimate antivirus software is scanning? Why not let it go?, so I can have some free resources available on my pc? Thanks
  9. @Berny I installed it but I don't know how to use it to show all Kaspersky folders & files, but I found 2 major Kaspersky folders below. Please tell me if there is any other place I should look for. c:\Program Files (x86)\Kaspersky Lab\ --- 572 MB c:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\ --- 9 GB
  10. @Berny Ok, what should I do next? Do you want to find specific type of file or data?
  11. Thanks @Berny Traces are already disabled. There is no enc1 file in C:\Program Data\Kaspersky Lab or in any subfolders.
  12. Hi, sometimes (recently) when I start to search a word in search box in application rules window, it hangs for seconds and then returns wrong search results. At the next computer restart it prompts to send very large report .dmp files to kaspersky (~600-900MB total), which I can't upload that amount. There is also ~7GB of those files in c:\ProgramData\Kaspersky Lab\AVP21.3\Traces folder. Is it me or does anybody else have this problem? Thanks
  13. Thank you @Flood and Flood's wife & @Igor Kurzin
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