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  1. My SO is Windows 10, KIS version is I installed KIS to search for a virus in my desktop computer, and while it found there's a Trojan affecting the system, once I accepted to run the recommended action to delete it, it got stuck on it, and it's been more than 12 hours and it's still stuck on the task. I don't know how to proceed, if I should uninstall it and try another antivirus, but I would be glad if someone has any advise on how to proceed, or if it has happened to anyone else.
  2. Hi Team, I'm reaching out because I'm encountering an issue with a virtualization error prompt. It keeps reminding me to activate the virtualization service. I've already checked my BIOS settings and CPU specifications, and both indicate that virtualization is enabled. However, the secure data input panel seems to have a conflicting message. Could you please advise on resolving this discrepancy and ensuring virtualization is fully activated? Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  3. Hi all, For the last few months I've been unable to access Pinterest via Firefox (or Edge) as it shows a blank white screen and refuses to connect, and upon looking at Inspect Element in both browsers I see the attached error message pop up 99+ times. I don't know anything about computers or coding etc, but it sounds like this CSP is what's blocking my access to Pinterest? So far I haven't encountered this issue on any other sites, and although I have the Kaspersky Protection add-on/extension in both Firefox and Edge, disabling it then reloading Pinterest doesn't resolve my issue. I don't know what to turn off in my KIS application itself to resolve this, either. I don't think I can amend this CSP myself if it's an integral part of Kaspersky, right? I used to be able to access Pinterest fine with Kaspersky, but I haven't been able to for months now. Is it possible I need to downgrade or go back to an older installation of Kaspersky? For reference, I'm on Windows 11 (version 23H2), and my Kaspersky application is Kaspersky Internet Security (version (I)). Thanks, Liz
  4. Olá. O Firewall do Kaspersky Internet Security começou a bloquear o Chrome sem razão aparente. Não alterei nenhuma configuração nas regras de aplicativo, pacote ou rede. O Chrome está liberado nas regras de aplicativo. O Firefox e Edge conectam normal. Quando desativo o firewall, a navegação no Chrome volta ao normal. Versões: SO: Windows 10 22H2 / Compilação 19045.4170 / ExpPack: Windows Feature Experience Pack 1000.19054.1000.0 Kaspersky: 21.3.10391 (k)
  5. I am an old user of KIS. It recently got changed to Kaspersky Standard on my MacBook Air 2017 (MacOS12) during my 3 year license. It is now about to expire, and I would like to know, if I want to shift to Kaspersky Premium (I like premium more as it is much more feature rich), will I have to reinstall Kaspersky, because we would like to continue to use it without interrupting the existing setup, and can we add the premium key in the activation page so that it activates itself once the existing standard key expires in the same software so that it updates itself to premium automatically?
  6. I still have 293 days of KIS subscription if this product is discontinued. Will that mean my computer would be unsecured and susceptible to threats? 293 days are almost a year so what to do now?
  7. Ho installato da anni kaspersky A.V e vpn, ma da settimana scorsa quando ho voluto rinnovare K.i.s. che scade il 26 gennaio, ma mi dice che il prodotto non è più disponibile allora ho comperato una licenza su Nexway con bonifico, ma sono passati 6 giorni e non ho ricevuto niente, nessun codice. Assistenza kaspersky glielo fatto presente ma mi hanno risposto che mi avevano già risposto, peccato che era un ticket di un' altro problema. Ho riscritto mandando tutti gli screenshot e copia dell pagamento alle poste ma niente, La mia casella di posta non c'è il codice da nessuna parte, nemmeno in spam e nemmeno in MY KASPERSKY non compare nulla di aggiornato nelle licenze Aiuto... se voglio rinnovare ecco cosa mi è apparso, per questo ho pagato kaspersky-Plus con codice sconto PLUS
  8. 如题,不知道是什么问题。 软件环境: win10 pro,22H2, 19045.3693 KIS 联网自动升级
  9. Дайте почитать документацию. Или напишите тут по пунктам.
  10. How do I "uninstall" KIS from this machine, then, after restoring my OS, "reinstall" using the same key? I have tried to read the Kaspersky instructions. I've searched this forum, but I am just not certain I won't lose my key due to "too many installations." I have linked my license (activation code) to my My Kaspersky account. I have recorded my activation code separately so I won't lose it. I have not yet reinstalled (clean) my Windows 11 OS. What do I need to do next? How do I "uninstall" KIS from this machine, then, after restoring my OS, "reinstall" using the same key? I don't need a lot of details,. I just need to know what step is next before wiping my machine.
  11. Уважаемая "Лаборатория Касперского", у меня есть идеи для улучшения для антивирусов Kaspersky Antivirus, Kaspersky Internet Security, Kaspersky Total Security. 1. В настройках в разделе "Интерфейс" добавьте: светлую тему, тёмную тему, как в системе: 2. Добавьте разворот приложения на весь экран:
  12. Have tried adding exclusions in Kaspersky for Firewall component and issue is still occurring , If I relaunch the application manually everything works fine. Application network rules in firewall do not list any new low restricted version of application with blocked internet access as it does sometimes for some applications.
  13. Hi everyone, I am currently using KIS whose license is about to expire soon. From Kaspersky's website and this forum, I see that now it will be changed to Kaspersky Standard instead. My question is that if I buy a Kaspersky Standard license and manually add this into my current KIS on my laptop, does this work or do I need to do anything to update to Kaspersky Standard version first? Thanks in advance!
  14. Зашел на сайт, появилось окно с рекламой. Когда хотел закрыть окно, сайт перенаправил меня по рекламе. Через несколько минут от Kaspersky Free появилось три сообщения: 1)Событие: Обнаружена ранее открытая опасная ссылка Пользователь: AGENT\helst Тип пользователя: Инициатор Имя приложения: chrome.exe Путь к приложению: C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application Компонент: Интернет-защита Описание результата: Не обработано Тип: Угроза потери данных Точность: Точно Степень угрозы: Высокая Тип объекта: Веб-страница Имя объекта: xdmyh9ge?key=067088407afb97d6be211af098e15ac6 Путь к объекту: https://alibisprocessessyntax.com Причина: Облачная защита 2)Событие: Обнаружена ранее открытая вредоносная ссылка Пользователь: AGENT\helst Тип пользователя: Инициатор Имя приложения: chrome.exe Путь к приложению: C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application Компонент: Интернет-защита Описание результата: Не обработано Тип: Возможна неправомерная загрузка ПО Название: https://alibisprocessessyntax.com/api/users?token=L3hkbXloOWdlP2tleT0wNjcwODg0MDdhZmI5N2Q2YmUyMTFhZjA5OGUxNWFjNiZwc3Q9MTY5NTU0MjgxOSZyZWZlcj1odHRwcyUzQSUyRiUyRmt1a2FqLmlvJTJGJnJtdGM9dCZzaHU9MzYxYzU5ZDY5M2ViNzEzNWZjYzFkNWQwODBmYmM1NmVlMTRhZjYyOWMyNWRlZjg2NmNlZGZjMTRiNGYyY2U5OGM0NjNmNTdiOTIzOTYxOGQ2M2JhOGYzNDRiNTJiMGYwMjAwYmRlN2Y3ZDc1NWZiZDBkNjFhYjA1YzA0NGViZDBkM2VjZmZlNzE1ZTVkZDg3Mzk1YTM4YjZmNmQxMjdlYmUyNjQ4ZjRkMmRjODYzOTgwMGFmOWYyNDNjNTViZQ%3d%3d&uuid=&pii=&in=false Степень угрозы: Высокая Тип объекта: Веб-страница Имя объекта: users?token=L3hkbXloOWdlP2tleT0wNjcwODg0MDdhZmI5N2Q2YmUyMTFhZjA5OGUxNWFjNiZwc3Q9MTY5NTU0MjgxOSZyZWZlcj1odHRwcyUzQSUyRiUyRmt1a2FqLmlvJTJGJnJtdGM9dCZzaHU9MzYxYzU5ZDY5M2ViNzEzNWZjYzFkNWQwODBmYmM1NmVlMTRhZjYyOWMyNWRlZjg2NmNlZGZjMTRiNGYyY2U5OGM0NjNmNTdiOTIzOTYxOGQ2M2JhOGYzNDRiNTJiMGYwMjAwYmRlN2Y3ZDc1NWZiZDBkNjFhYjA1YzA0NGViZDBkM2VjZmZlNzE1ZTVkZDg3Mzk1YTM4YjZmNmQxMjdlYmUyNjQ4ZjRkMmRjODYzOTgwMGFmOWYyNDNjNTViZQ%3d%3d&uuid=&pii=&in=false Путь к объекту: https://alibisprocessessyntax.com/api Причина: Облачная защита 3)Событие: Обнаружена ранее открытая вредоносная ссылка Пользователь: AGENT\helst Тип пользователя: Инициатор Имя приложения: chrome.exe Путь к приложению: C:\Program Files\Google\Chrome\Application Компонент: Интернет-защита Описание результата: Не обработано Тип: Возможна неправомерная загрузка ПО Название: https://alibisprocessessyntax.com/xdmyh9ge?key=067088407afb97d6be211af098e15ac6 Степень угрозы: Высокая Тип объекта: Веб-страница Имя объекта: xdmyh9ge?key=067088407afb97d6be211af098e15ac6 Путь к объекту: https://alibisprocessessyntax.com Причина: Облачная защита Опасно ли это и нужно ли что-то делать? Выполнил полную проверку Kaspersky Free и MalwareBytes: ничего обнаружено не было. Версия windows 11: 22H2, сборка 22621.2283 версия Kaspersky:
  15. I am using KIS v21.3.10.391. I have set admin password in my kaspersky product but when i go to Privacy Protection and turn on and off the cam protection , it ask me for the password but without typing any password and clicking "No" the setting changes
  16. Стоит Kaspersky Internet Security. Скачал Format Factory с его официального сайта через Free Download Manager, так как Яндекс.Браузер почему-то обнаруживает вирус, и решил на всякий случай проверить на вирусы. ОВ хоте проверки Касперский сообщил, что якобы обнаружены легальные программы, которые могут быть использованы для нанесения вреда компьютеру. Из-за чего это может быть?
  17. I get that visually; Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Standard are different. I have read it in other posts about what the difference is. I understand that KS is replacing KIS, and that you can use your KIS subscription to activate KS. These are the answers given to the question "what is the difference between' when it is asked. My question is: are they different component and feature-wise behind the GUI? To elaborate, are they using the same underlying modern technologies? Or does KS have some functionality in terms of security and protection that KIS does not have? I ask because I like the look of KIS and want to continue to use it until it is retired. BUT, I am willing to sacrifice this want for a need if KS is using better technology underneath the pretty 'face'. Thank you for your time. Edit to add: I am only asking about the Windows desktop versions, I don't need the other device functionality like ios or android.
  18. Muy buenas con todos, mi duda es la siguiente, hasta hace poco descargue un archivo winrar que al parecer tenia un virus, esto lo supe puesto que lo analize mediante el análisis contextual siempre hago este procedimiento para mis archivos descargados, el tema es que encontró un virus y lo elimino, pero tengo una duda y es la siguiente, yo no descomprimí el archivo infectado y tampoco no lo ejecute, pero si abrí el archivo winrar para solo ver que archivos contenía (me explico mejor, es decir hice doble clips en el archivo wirar y se abrió el visor o la aplicación pero solo para ver los archivos no lo descomprimí ni ejecute dichos archivos), es posible infectarme solo con observar a través del programa de winrar dichos archivo o necesariamente tengo que descomprimirlo o ejecutarlo. estaría muy agradecido con su respuesta.
  19. Muy buenas con todos, espero puedan solucionar mi duda, que es referente a la diferencia entre virus, troyanos, malwares y rasonwares, cual es la difrerencia entre estos tres tipos de amenazas. y lo otro es que yo trabajo o estoy protegido por kaspersky internet security, y quisiera saber, si este antivirus (Kaspersky internet security), me protege de estos tres tipos de amenazas, y en caso de que me infecte con alguna de estas amenazas el kaspérsky internet security ¿podrá limpiarlas y eliminarlas?. estaría muy agradecido con sus respuestas.
  20. Hello Friends, I have KIS subcriptions can i use kaspersky plus with KIS sucriptions??? i didnt find kaspersky plus pack in shop in my region..
  21. 1、question 卡巴斯基全方位安全软件在2023年第四季度中国大陆卡巴斯基新版plus更新后能否继续使用,即密钥可否免费升级到卡巴斯基plus 2、question 目前我已经有一个卡巴斯基标准版,我现在还有一个线下的盒装卡巴斯基全方位安全软件2021,我能否把激活码先暂存到我的卡巴斯基,等待这个标准版使用结束在使用kis的激活码
  22. У меня возникла проблема с установкой Kaspersky Standard поверх Kaspersky Internet Security (ошибка 1719) и нужно полностью удалять KIS через утилиту удаления. После установки Kaspersky Standard ключ от Kaspersky Internet Security будет принят новой программой или нет?
  23. Hello, As of version, I am experiencing some issues that were not present about three (3) weeks ago. 1) I have contacted Support, but they need traces. I explained that I am uncomfortable to send them, since they may contain personal info and memory dumps. The issues are reproducible on other systems, so I don't think that the issues are specific for my machine and I prefer for the issues to be resolved without sending traces. I am sure that many clients may be reluctant to send them, especially clients that have compliance audits. 2) Since the latest version, when KIS was enabled, I could not connect/use the Phone Link (Your Phone) and Microsoft Store apps. Also, my sister reported the same issue for one of her gaming apps (not sure which. Also, she is using the DEFAULT settings, even though I am using the maximum-security settings). As of four (4) days ago, the connectivity issues were resolved for Phone Link (Your Phone) and Microsoft Store on their own, but now the same issue manifested for the Feedback Hub app. 3) The connection to my Wi-Fi printer was lost when I had the computer running for 3-4 days continuously. The issue used to resolve temporarily after a restart. I am not sure if this was caused by KIS. But, this issue has now also resolved itself! 4) The Clean up function of Manage applications (Main KIS Window -> More Tools -> Manage applications -> Application Control -> Manage applications) no longer works. Upon clicking on the Clean up button, it says that the list is up-to-date and the uninstalled/missing applications are not removed from the list. 5) The online help documentation shows clearly how to create exceptions for programs and desktop applications, but, how do I make exceptions for Microsoft Store apps (packaged)? 6) I am a longtime customer of Kaspersky (10+years) and Kaspersky VPN and I find it quite unfair that my KIS is considered equivalent to Kaspersky Standard. As a KIS customer, I find that, more-or-less, the features that my current KIS provides are the same as the ones that Kaspersky Premium provides, with the exception of the unlimited VPN (which I have already purchased, anyway). I suggest that, for the migration to the new subscription, KIS customers be provided with the Premium subscription but without the unlimited VPN, to be FAIR. Thanks in advance!
  24. Kaspersky İnternet Security lisansına sahibim. Yeni satılan ürünlere göre Kaspersky Internet Security, Total Security gibi ürünleri göremedim. Kaspersky plus gibi ürünlerin arayüzü değişmiş ve galiba bazı özellikler eklenmiş. Benim şu anki uygulamam (Kaspersky Internet Security) şu an desteklenmiyor mu, herhangi bir güncellemeyle arayüzü yeni sürüme yükseltebilir miyim ve şu anki lisansımı Kaspersky Plus olarak yükseltebilir miyim? Teşekkürler.
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