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Found 9 results

  1. Al iniciar el Kaspersky Total Security muestra ese mensaje. Estoy usando Windows 11 rama 22.H2 Alguna idea de cuáles son las funciones no disponibles y además como solucionar este problema. Saludos y gracias
  2. Hello I am using kts on my windows 10 home and kaspersky Kts version (j) This morning (i.e. now when I am writing this) I got this error message :- I have not done anything or clicked anywhere as of yet so this popup is currently on my screen as I type: what should be the proper step for me now ... and kindly help me quickly as the popup is currently open and I haven't selected any of the 3 (delete, skip, add to exclusion) options. Kindly guide me.... as soon as possible thanks!
  3. We have run Kaspersky Total Security and VPN on Windows 10 for many years and have been very happy with the products and the quality of technical support. The situation in respect of Nexway/Kaspersky UK/subscription renewals seems however to have changed radically for the worse since last year. Can anybody suggest a way around the following issues please? We'd like to continue with Kaspersky but will not do so at any cost... We have previously been stiffed by the UK/French company for a huge auto-renewal renewal cost for Kaspersky Total Security which support sorted out - they applied an ~ 50% discount and credited us with the difference. Our understanding was that all auto-renewal permissions were rescinded at that time as requested. Despite this we a few weeks ago discovered that the VPN subscription was auto-renewed by Nexway/Kaspersky UK in late June while we were ill at more than double the cost of the previous year. Trying to renew the Kasperksy Total Security subscription today we're finding that all options except UK/Nexway or other local agents are blocked. That the cost from Nexway/Kaspersky UK has again more than doubled, that the option to delete a credit card from the account is disabled/greyed out, and that the dialogue box forces explicit acceptance of auto-renewal and at whatever price the company feels like charging!!! The geopolitical situation may provide some sort of feeble excuse for a price increase, but the measures adopted to force auto renewals at whatever price the company decides to magic up is utterly unacceptable and amounts to sharp practice. We've taken the matter up with support, but have not had a reply yet. Nor do we know whether support is as before - it may well by now be controlled from Nexway France/Kaspersky UK. We're not however going to accept yet another attempt by a business to use the power of a web platform to bludgeon the customer into signing up to utterly acceptable conditions. Even if the auto-renew and credit card issues are resolved may depending on the market refuse the sort of price increases sought too....
  4. Hi, I am looking to purchase a version of Kaspersky. I am currently running the free version. What I am wondering is what is the difference between the four in the title. It looks like 2 completely different lines of software. I am used to the internet security and total security line, but then there is this (new?) free, basic, plus and premium suite. What is the difference between the two lines of software. Is premium comparable to total security.
  5. Hello I am using kts on my windows 10 home and kaspersky Kts version (i) Just recently I downloaded a file from mega (was a setup file for some programm that I needed (had the name setup.exe)) and I have a habbit of scanning the exe file which I download so as always I scanned them with Kaspersky before opening them(running the exe files)) So i ran the scan and voila! it was indeed malicious. it said after the scan: here is the scan report Now all of these files I didnt run them but scanned them. So I wanted to ask( I deleted both the files btw) Even after deletion do they pose a threat? if i did not run the setup? btw i deleted the setup.exe file which came out from the REPACK PASS (812736).rar
  6. Não entendi o porque fizeram cobrança no meu cartão sem minha autorização, sendo que minha assinatura está paga até junho de 2023 como mostro no print abaixo: E não consigo nenhum suporte para me ajudar nisso, tudo indisponível. FRAUDE KASPERSKY? Não estou conseguindo nem visualizar minha forma de pagamento. E aí como entro em contato com vcs?
  7. Hello I am using kts on my windows 10 home and kaspersky Kts version recently I recived this error on my pc it says error while scanning the encrypted connection with play.googleapis.com and while i was writing this right now another notification came in and another one and so many more when i first installed kaspersky i was using brave browser and did these steps to make the extention work in brave. I dont know if its related to the errors i get please help me out!. I am getting these messages very often. kindly guide me on what needs to be done to maximise my security. I dont have a vpn but use 3rd party dns servers like cloud fare. etc. thanks!
  8. Not sure if anybody else has come across the problem of KTS's injected main.js file causing issues with Wordpress site's Woocommerce plugin for Square. It throws a fit when the site tries to load an iframe (credit card details inputs) on the checkout page. I'm pretty convinced that it throws a 499 error from time to time as well, blocking the iframe from showing - although this behaviour is rare. I have contacted Woocommerce, but they could not provide any help - they suggested turning of KTS's injection. Ok for me but not my customers. Any help, greatly appreciated.
  9. First of All I am using total security on my Wind 10 Home and kaspersky Kts version I have a high end pc (16 gb ram and intel core i7 10th gen) I recently had a suggestion by the application that my hardware virtualization was "not available" and "the operating system was found unstable when using hardware virtualization". I have been trying to find ways of fixing this..(btw has this something to do with hyper V since its not available on windows home(not visible in turn windows features on or off) but i have seen people install it by creating a txt file and then storing it in form of .bat and then running it and pop outs the hyper v in settings.) kindly help me out on how to fix it!!
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