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  2. Hi, please find the attached task result export file and GSI report of the infected machine. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file=aa5f900208ce247d8883492acbcbc6cc while i am running the klnagchk the utility automatically hide. task.csv
  3. Здравствуйте. Как можно сбросить учётные данные от сервера администрирования, если утерян пароль? Доступ администратора на компе имеется. Спасибо.
  4. Hi, when I create a standalone package for kes10sp2 & provide to user. When he clicks on the exe to start installation it should prompt for password to proceed further. Kindly help us to configure the same. BR
  5. KLQ files in C:\windows\temp

    Hello! Have you tried the pf3147 as suggested in the incident? Thanks!
  6. Устанавливали пробный ключ, теперь не можем удалить его из KSC 10, что бы установить новый рабочий...
  7. Здравствуйте! Уточните пожалуйста версии используемого ПО и приложите отчет утилиты klnagchk с проблемного компьютера. Спасибо!
  8. Remote installation stuck at 11%

    Hello! Please provide the task result export and the GSI from the affected machine. Also please provide the klnagck utility output from the affected machine. Thanks!
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  10. if like you said the Laptop is workable contact - Tech Support using this Link : https://center.kaspersky.com/support/requests/create They quickly help you out. if fails contact them by phone or Chat session at : https://support.kaspersky.com/b2c#regional0 Lookup on the left - Pane for the rest of regional countries
  11. Hola, Puedes extender la licencia gratuita por otro año, y así sucesivamente (a través de la GUI del KFA). Saludos
  12. Добрый день. Имеется сеть 172.16.1.XXX без выхода в Интернет. В сети есть сервер с выходом в интернет, в KES на сервере настроено копирование обновлений в папку, которая расшарена. В KES на сервере все хорошо, базы актуальны. Остальные компьютеры в сети должны обновлятся по расписанию из папки на сервере. Проблема: На одном из компьютеров в сети обновление запускается, отрабатывает, завершается сообщением "обновлены не все компоненты", в KES статус "базы устарели". На другом компьютере в сети все работает нормально, обновление проходит без ошибок, базы актуальны. Вопрос: в чем проблема? как устранить? Сервер: Windows Server 2008R2, KES AES 256 (mr1) Клиент: KES (mr3, mr4) Протокол обновления прикрепил Ульянов А.А. 9222287430 KES_update_error.txt
  13. Hi, You can extend the free license for another year and so on (via GUI of the KFA). Regards
  14. Whichever the category, where the OP problem fallen -Hardware or Software - if nobody else reply to this question >>The OP should contact Tech Support using the link shown above or if you've a solution posted or wait until Metalguru69 send his own reply
  15. I don't know if the OP has resolved this issue, but I can't see how you could say this is a hardware issue. Restoring files always does this for me, this is on local HDDs not any network (or otherwise remote) share drives which I know can occasionally screw with filenames. The software is internally storing filenames in lowercase (or atleast in the interface is showing them as such), so its definitely something on Kaspersky's Backup end.
  16. Its not a MS issue the message is displayed inside the Kaspersky application window not in Explorer.
  17. Здравствуйте! Пересоберите, пожалуйста, информацию по следующему сценарию: * выключить все компоненты кроме System Watcher * включить трейсы, прокмон * выгрузить продукта, затем снова запустить * воспроизвести проблему * выключить трейсы Спасибо!
  18. Hi, I already provide the GSI report in the said format ,
  19. Hi welcome to the forum. Sorry for late reply for some reason unknown your post was blocked. If this issue has not resolved please reply.
  20. Hi, Lots of time we have observe that Av( Kes10) is require permission to update the database. (It should be automatically update) Kindly help in this regarding. BR
  21. Hi welcome to the forum. Sorry for late reply for some reason unknown your post was blocked but now is unblocked. I think you need to change the "scan" settings, to "prompt"for action.
  22. Hello, On my laptop, i have KTS for a while now, and recently I have seen the "update databases"" pop up. I go to update, and the program freezes stops, freezes, crashes and refuses to respond. It's so bad, that it even ignores Task Manager's force stops as well. it won't go away until i turn the device off, which prompts the message to come up again
  23. Have KIS installed/activated on laptop (Win 10 Home 64-bit), and HAD it installed as well on desktop (Win 7 Pro 64-bit) until drive crashed. Installed new drive, reloaded Win 7 Pro, went to download/install KIS on new drive. Problem when I went to log into My Kaspersky, apparently none of the several passwords I use will work (and at this point I don't remember exactly which one it was). Tried PW reset, recognized the security question (pet name and breed) but will not take answer, even though I tried all possible combinations. So now, I can't request an activation code. Given that KIS is still working on the laptop and I have my orginal key and activation ID (and the verification test works) is there some way I can get back into my account and/or get an activation code for the second system? (I understand I can install KIS on up to 3 devices, correct?)
  24. KLQ files in C:\windows\temp

    so I amended the permissions to get OI permission. But it just leaves a small gap in knowledge. If there was one file that had a virus, lets say. How did it become 55,000 files in the c:\window\temp folder?
  25. KLQ files in C:\windows\temp

    This was the suggestion from that INC: Issue relates to defected ACL on c:\windows\temp and created files by logged user. Please note the CREATOR OWNER parameters. (OI)(CI)(IO)(F): Creator of a file (OI - object inheritance) or a folder (CI - container inheritance) receives full (F) access to the file. At this workstation parameters for CREATOR OWNER are as follows: CREATOR OWNER:(CI)(IO)(F) Please note that (OI) flag is not there. This means that creator of a file does not inherit full access to created file. This leads to a situation when KES creates a file in c:\windows\temp and then can't delete the file according to this folder's ACE.
  26. Then don't use the KSC=Kaspersky Secure Connection for a few days chances are the "New dataBase definitions" update will fix the issue Also this help at times: Right click the red "K" on the Taskbar and select < Exit >> click [Continue] next Restart the PC and Try to open the KSC it may works ok now.?
  27. KLQ files in C:\windows\temp

    Hi, Have you tried to use suggestions from INC000008827990? What was the result? Thank you!
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