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  1. This is exactly the workaround I suggested! Perfect. I'm still using the KSOS beta I mentioned above (link was removed by moderator) and it works fine without restarting KSOS. Kaspersky support will get back to me, if they fix the problem in the regular version. So I'll let you know...
  2. Hi, I just received an email with good news. Kaspersky developers found & fixed the issue. It will be released with an automatic update in april. If you don't want to wait you can use this channel as the temporary update source. Deactivate the default update source and move the new entry to the top of the list. Now start the update manually. Good luck, stevie
  3. Hi Michael, idk if get any response from Kaspersky once the fixed the issue. Last Wednesday I wrote: "While doing these steps, I just found out that the backup runs fine (with running KSOS) if it's performed right after a restart of KSOS or Windows." So a "workaround" could be an automated restart as you can't restart Kaspersky (afaik Kaspersky blocks Powershell commands). Greets, stevie
  4. Hey! I just received an email from Kaspersky support. Kaspersky is aware of the problem and the developers are currently trying to find a fix. (Bug No. 3280886) Unfortunately there is no workaround so far. So I will log in via remote every evening before the backup is scheduled to restart Kaspersky manually... As an alternative (and if your Server isn't used at night) schedule a new task for an automated reboot via PowerShell right before the backup. So long...
  5. Not yet. Is it possible to restart Kaspersky via PowerShell? As an automated task, it could be a workaround...
  6. Hi, I contacted the technical support for KSOS and now I'm testing diffent situations (generating logs) to determine the origin of the problem. While doing these steps, I just found out that the backup runs fine (with running KSOS) if it's performed right after a restart of KSOS or Windows. I'll keep you guys updated...
  7. Hello at all, since mid February I got problems with the Windows Server 2016 Essentials Backup and Kaspersky Small Office Security 6 as mentioned in this article: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/408637-error-backup-windows-server-2016/ Windows is not able to get access to the EFI Partition for a bare metal backup. If I stop the avpui.exe by clicking in the taskbar, the backup runs normally. Can I use the KSOS key for KES10 as well or is there another solution for KSOS? Thank you!
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