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  1. Hi, We use French. ( Morocco) Regards
  2. Hello, KSC version: 10.5.1781 Meaning of "localization of the OS and KSC", if you want to mean the localization of the servers : SIEM and KSC : in Prood Datacentre. Thanks!
  3. Hi, Good Morning..!! We tried to integrate Kaspersky Security Center's logs with Arcsight SIEM. But there many wrongs (seems Event ID with different Events categories, Definitions ) This is a good example of extracting the log with a single Event ID 000000d4 ( check attached). However, Kaspersky is sending logs to SIEM with French language. I want to know if we change the language of KSC to English, the problem will solve or not. and how to change language from French to English in KSC. Best regards
  4. Hamza

    update error

    .Hi, Solved. Thank you very much for your support and cooperation Best regards
  5. Hamza

    update error

    Hello, Versions of products: KSC 10.5.1781 Problem: Error connecting to KL update servers since 4/12/2018. Best regards
  6. Hamza

    update error

    Hi, same issue persists Thanks
  7. Hamza

    update error

    Hi, link : https://www.dropbox.com/s/mlqhsxzs8o8vrgx/GSI6_SRVAPPKAV_adminkav_12_17_2018_11_04_09.zip?dl=0?
  8. Hamza

    update error

    Hi, Thank you for your feedback, GSI Report capacity more than 4M
  9. Hamza

    update error

    Hi, I regret to inform you that the update of the Kaspersky server (KSC) has been not done since 04/12/2018 even when running it is blocked at 55%. please check attached. Best regards
  10. Hi, Thank you for giving me the steps for blocking apps from KSC. Regards
  11. Bonjour, Le problème est bien résolu, Merci @Tchup ( probleme au niveau du TLS/SSL). Cdt
  12. Bonjour et merci d'avance pour votre aide, Aprés l'installation des correctifs du Mircosoft (Mise à jour des KB ) et le disactivation des certain TLS/SSL, il m'est devenu impossible de me connecter à la console d'administration de mon serveur KSC (voir PJ). j'aimerais savoir si il y'a une relation entre le Patch qu'on a appliqué et le probleme existant.  Merci
  13. Bonjour, Aprés la MAJ des bases de KIS sur mon portable Android, ce dérnier a été verouiller par KIS et il m'a demandé le code d'antivol pour le déverrouiler. Merci de m'aider pour resolé ce probleme. Cdt
  14. Hi, 1 - I lost my code to uninstall Kaspersky on my mobile phone. and I can't find my phone in KSC cause we changed KSC from SRV A to SRV B. Now how can I uninstall KIS from my Android phone. Thanks
  15. Hi Nikolay, Thanks for your feedback, Yes we use KATA but now the license has expired, I'm just trying to install the endpoint sensor on all devices before updating the license again. Thanks

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