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  1. 1. Your latest update failed to recognise my subscription (with over 300 days remaining on licence!!!) and I had to go through pain and time/effort to get this fixed. Eventually it was fixed, so OK? NO! 2. Outlook stopped working and it took several days, input from Microsoft and searches on the Virgin Media forum to discover that Kapersky had introduced an "undocumented feature" that screwed up my mail. The fix was quite simple, but it would have been a lot simpler and less stressful if Kapersky had tested their product properly and notified users of the issue. 3. Its OK now, no thanks to Kapersky. 4. Not a great way to keep customers, guys. Microsoft might be able to get away with crap software by having most of the pc world by the short-and-curlies but you don't have that luxury. There are plenty of alternatives out there.
  2. Thank you Robbie17. This worked for me no problem. Now, what do I do with the 350 emails that accumalated over the past couple of weeks. Thanks Kapersky, you rock. NOT!!!
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