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  1. seconded. we don't really run into it much, but it would be nice to have that info there. I have to assume its something the user downloaded and ran [which is usually safe upon inspection] but it seems like the point is to stop unauthorized/problem programs, or hidden programs, so more info would be great.
  2. I would like to see Serial number added to the hardware registry report. The report is pretty thorough so it is surprising that this is not included. I have to run another app and report to get that information when i need it. id also like to see reports either be sorted in the console, or exported to csv in addition to html. as it stands, i export to html, then copy/paste into a spreadsheet so i can sort through it. just having the glob of data is not useful and hard to go through. at least exporting to CSV would make it a little easier to sort through as i liked. i'd also like a better search. searching from a container should search all sub containers. A leading asterisk should search for computers. As it is BVL-S* works, but *S does not. I'd like to select "managed computers" and search all sub containers, or search a container for a site and have all containers under it searched. thanks -dave
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