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  1. hello, i have also license for Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business Select and i have also this problem: I cannot activate anti-crypto on the machine that Kaspersky security is installed and the error reason is: End User License Agreement has been violated. Reason: Task run blocked by license.
  2. Hello, we disabled one by one the components and simultaneously we checked the Microsoft windows mail app. When we disabled all the KES components still the delay was 12 seconds. When we exit the Kaspersky then the Microsoft windows mail start again in 1 second.
  3. We are talking about Microsoft Windows mail app which exists in windows 10
  4. we disable all the protection components and still has about 12 seconds delay. When Kaspersky is disable it starts in 1 second.
  5. hello, if the Kaspersky endpoint 10 beta is open there is big delay when you try to open windows mail app. When Kaspersky is closed after the first time it opens directly. Please check this problem.
  6. My customer install only Kaspersky security for mail servers in microsoft exchange 10 service pack 1. The only other program that runs in exchange server is Symantec System Recovery 2013 service pack 2.
  7. hello my customer is using kaspersky for mail servers and have many errors. Attached can find the screen shots and the GSI link below. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...0bc32cf36ae4d25 Please tell me what is going wrong
  8. What i'm saying is that when i uninstall the agent the whole nework's performance is much better. If i install it again all the user complain for the network's slow down. I have also kept installed all kaspersky the default settings. One of them is the system watcher. Do you think that if i disable it i could have better network performance?
  9. I don't have the file yet because is not easy to get in the network. I saw big difference in the performance when i installed the Agent. Can you give me some advice what i can do or what could be going wrong with agent?
  10. Do you want GSI report from the server or from one of the workstation?
  11. Hello, in the version 10 we learn that the system watcher is a major cause that Kaspersky slow down the computers. Can you please give me other suggestions how we could do the network that has Kaspersky less heavy?
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