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  1. I can not find the link to report the GSI reports! Here is a copy of the url... http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...1f64e31cf5ad359 I'm not sure if it uploaded or not! Please advise! Thank you!
  2. The "print screen" is not working!! Can I just use the GSI report? Thanks!
  3. Hello, my KAV is showing 33 threats... I have tried to delete them or quarantine them... to no avail! My system is running very slow! Any and all help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello... Well, I tried to do everything as instructed. I tried the online scan nothing came up! I disabled the services.msc. And renamed the sskbfd.sys file. However, when I try to send the Quarantine file - for some reason it opens my Outlook which I DO NOT use... it has not ran properly in yrs... and it stops the email. Is there an easy way I can sent it via gmail???? Thank you again... this is really hard for me... I am winging this via this forum!
  5. http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...410f4ff8afce148 I also, uploaded the link! Also, here is the txt. file... thank you! KASQUARANTINE111009.txt
  6. Hello, here is the NEW GSI report... also, Kaspersky is showing 9 new threats! But, they seem to be quarantined! But, after running the scans - it states my system is protected... and everything is GREEN!! Please advise.... thank you in advance!!!!!!!! The instance is; the system is running slow!!!!!
  7. Hello, I have done what you have advised... things seem better, However - it still does not seem right! Should I upload another GSI report??? Thanks for everything!
  8. here is the link http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...94d941ecaa24c5b thank you! thank you!
  9. Hello, I just sent the GSI report! Please advise! Thank you again! I really appreciate all the help! I will also, try to attach the txt file....
  10. Hello, please advise my system seems to be very, very slow!!! Ran scans nothing showed up! However, under KASPERKY My Protection Status - it show 108 threats???? What is going on????? Should I post a GSI Report? Please advise! thanks
  11. Ok... here we go! http://www.getsysteminfo.com/read.php?file...0e359d&ms=0 let know! Thank... you have been a real life saver!
  12. Whew!! I think I am "almost" finished... had a few problems removing Ad-aware, Spysweeper, asktool bar! (I think they are finally gone) I think!!! However, the 7 files (Downloaded) I can not seem to get rid of???? Even with Unlocker?!?! I deleted the KIS & re-Installed the KAS.... I "THINK" I am in the Clear? But, this system still seems to be running slow? Shall I re- run a new GSI test & post a New Report? AGAIN, THANK YOU TO EVERYONE!!! Who, has been instrumental in helping a very "desperate" person!!! I will wait for your replies!
  13. I appreciate your response... I am just looking for the best/most secure product for my environment?!?!?!? Considering all that has transpired... which do you suggest? (See my GSI Report) Or is it possible for me to have both? Considering I purchased the Kaspersky (3 user) Anti-Virus already?!?!?!? Please advise! Thanks again!
  14. Hello... I am looking for the best (Protection) for my system! I purchase the Kaspersky Anti Virus... however, I was told to download KIS???? Done... I was going to purchase "both programs" download both... after KIS was installed, I was unable to re-install Kaspersky Anti Virus?????? Any suggestions?????????? Thanks!!!
  15. IS THE KIS -Kaspersky Internet Security? I was told to download a "fresh version" ??? I did not purchase that program. I only purchased the Kaspersky Anti-virus?
  16. Ok... so frustrating!!! Adaware, Spysweeper did uninstall, however, Spysweeper core (not found)?, Askbar/ Asktool bar, will not uninstall... and had to reinstall Malwarebytes to try to uninstall! Was I supposed to re-upload the "Get System Info Folder" to the GSi Parser, to follow the Instructions 1. through 12? Well, I did this... I could not find the "folders" under 2. Can I use the "Unlocker" to remove all of the above? again... thank you!
  17. ok... done... downloaded into a zip file! what and where do I post it... I tried to post/upload to a site that I was directed to.... but, I am lost after that!
  18. Hello... I have installed & activated the full registered program.... I am infected on both systems.... I have downloaded the software for the GSI... did the report uploaded it????? I have no idea what I am doing! Please help!!! Thank you!!!! I am really worried!
  19. Thank you... I will do this on both computers! I appreciate your help!
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