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  1. Their reply : "I have received confirmation that the issue is reported as fixed with upcoming Kaspersky 2020 version. The new version is expected to be released April 2019" wow !!
  2. @Ladybeetle and indio : thank you. As I'm tired of the workaround as well. I filed a new request, I wonder what they will come up with.
  3. In the meantime chrome has updated to 72.03626.121 and still Kaspersky did nothing to solve the problem. We pay to have all functions working, also the "secure keyboard input" and it's quite annoying to have to input a lot of numbers on the bank sites with the virtual keyboard !
  4. Support answered that it's a current known issue with the latest version of google chrome and that they don't have a fixed solution date.
  5. @The Shield : thank you. @wgcuser : had a look at the link but ... I use Chrome for a very long time and I did not have any problem with any previous version. In the meantime I contacted support, they asked me to enable traces and send them a report which I did and I'm waiting for a reply.
  6. Thank you mikethebike and richbuff. I will contact support, this happens on W7 and W10, that means that 4 computers have the same problem, only one still on W7. On IE I still have the small keyboard icon present. I just wonder if it's less safe and that only for banking operations, maybe using the on-screen keyboard is a (temporary) workaround ?
  7. The "secure keyboard enabled" icon is missing in google chrome on sites that need a password, on bank sites as well (with the green safe money frame). I use chrome version 71.0.3578.98 the KIS protection extension is installed (20.0.543.401) KIS version Has anyone an explanation for this or is this a know problem that will be resolved soon.
  8. I did contact them and their reply is : "that windows snipping tool is a trusted application and that it's not a suspicious activity when a user makes a screenshot on his local computer" and "this issue will be fixed in the next product patch. Our developers are aware of this issue, and they are working on a fix"
  9. I just discovered this myself, and that happens only on Windows10 and I configured it the right way. I can do this by using the snipping tool ?????
  10. Same here with version 2018, instead of printing I saved it as a pdf and printed from there.
  11. Thank you. In the meantime I submitted it to technical support. I suppose they'll reply next week.
  12. Hi, When I open : https://www.carrefour.eu it opens automatically in protected browser. I suppose this is a bug that will be solved with the next update(s). KIS © I noticed that the same happens with patch B.
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