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  1. Screenshot dropdown of disinfected is where they reside in log. So how do I restore from disinfected ?
  2. Richbuff - You've mentioned to "right click entry in quarantine." One entry or all of them in the event log? They are listed as "disinfected" , they don't say quarantined. Is Quarantine & disinfected one & the same?
  3. Thank you Richbuff, I noticed, though, that someone else on February 17 posted about the same exact trojan affecting their audio files shortcut. They too were advised to send it to the lab. They appear in my log as disinfected, not as quarantined. Would it be ok to just leave them deleted? I don't use this program as far as I know. Regarding your link to send it to the lab : I just read it thank you, but the instructions didn't mention how I restore them and add them to exclusions. How do I do that? Thank you!
  4. Hello, Win XP Home, SP3, using KIS 2010 ( (moving up to KIS 12 shortly as I'm aware running out of time on KIS2010) Upon doing full scan today, alerted to KIS detection & deletion of Trojan program Exploit.Win32.CVE-2010-2568.gen On a program I don't even use or know what it is. Multi-Channel Sound Manager. KIS deleted it and I also noticed the program is now gone from the start menu when I checked back at the end of the scan. There were 18 detections of it throughout the computer, and KIS deleted them. I checked a bit on search engine what this program is, and it's fine by me that it's gone from the computer. But is it needed? I don't do gaming, or videos, and from what I was reading it probably came with the computer? I've attached screen shot of the detected threats (And viewing ALL). I had to narrow the fields down for you to view. Thanks as always for all the help here! Didn't know if it was false positive, but Kis Deleted the entire thing it looks. All Green in console, no active threats.
  5. Hello again, (KIS 2010, Win XP sp3, home computer) Thanks to those who helped me the other day with disk clean up & defrag -- tons of stuff cleared and running smooth! Easy - and appreciate the information here as always. Getting ready to renew KIS 2010 - not upgrading yet, will probably move to a new computer in near future, KIS 2010 is great on this old computer. I love it. Just want to double check myself. When I click renew license - I'm taken to KIS product page where KIS 2011 renewal is -- (version I don't want) , but just need to choose that, in order to get that activation code to plug into my KIS 2010 license activation area, Correct? Thank you again for your help.
  6. Disabling lan/wireless adapter from network so as to be osolated from internet.... I asume this means just Not turning ON my Desktop PC's router connection to internet (on/off switch on the router itself) -- while doing these, ..... is what that means, right? Sorry dense ....
  7. Cool Guy thanks, but I'm trying to follow the directions as stated before in archives for doing defrag a couple of different ways - one was to disable defense. The directions for defrag mentioned disable defense, and I think I'm getting disable protection mixed up with disable defense & wanted clairfication on both of those. Thanks
  8. Hello - Getting ready to do the disk clean-up and defrag (wanted to do it with KIS off & I'll be disconnected from internet as mentioned), but noticed something that I'm unclear on.. Based on Archives discussion of defrag - one of the options listed is to disable self-defense. I took that to mean to turn KIS off by taking the check mark out of enable protection, then exit KIS. Now I see there is a self-defense area in options. Is this different than disabling protection option in the General Protection setting area? Just want to make sure I understand what to do - sorry! Thank you!
  9. Thank you both for your messages. I think I'll opt to disable KIS for both disk cleanup and defrag -- Would that be a security issue if I did that while doing those housekeeping processes?
  10. Hello all you helpful people! -- I'm using Home Computer Compaq Presario, Running Win XP Home computer, serv pk 3, KIS 2010 ( I'll be renewing KIS2010 in a few short weeks once it gets to 14 days left. --- (Not upgrading to KIS 2011 or 2012 at moment from past conversation I've had here, due to this old computer possibly slowing down with what space I have with newer vers of KIS for me - I'll probably be buying new computer in near future I guess!) Question - As embarrasing as it is - this computer hasn't had Disk Cleanup or Defrag in several years since KIS has been on it. Computer Geeks at Best Buy did it one time when we had our old Security software. But currently I'd like to do it myself this go around since it's been so long, and seems easy enough for a not too saavy computer user like me! I've read about KIS & defragging process instructions etc, from archive discussions. Very helpful. I feel a bit uneasy tinkering with exclusions, so I think I'll just disable/exit KIS before doing that defrag process, which was also another way suggested. But - question on Windows Disk Cleanup Utility & KIS that I'd like to do ahead of defrag -- If I use Windows Disk Cleanup utility -- should I expect any conflicts with KIS running while I do this? Should I have KIS protection disabled or keep it running? If running, would I get any pop-ups I'd need to worry with. (I'm a pop-up-phobe!) Thanks as always for your great help in this discussion board! Arrow
  11. mfn --- Thank you for that detailed message. I found that quite interesting, and appreciate your thoughts & time you took to send that, thanks. Lots of good stuff in there. antikythera --- Other than haning on to KIS2010 renewing it in summer & hoping for database updates through summer of 2012 (which I'm doubtful of), I'm out of luck I guess - need to get a newer computer it seems. I knew the day would come at some point. I might attempt to upgrade to KIS 2011 on this machine at some point, just seems pointless really, without tweaking it to death. Buying a new computer seems the route in the not too distant future. Thanks. Appreciate everyone's thoughts on this.
  12. antikythera -- Thank you so much for the information. It may be time for a new computer and do it that way maybe, but thanks again for your feedback. I appreciate it. Don Pelotas -- 2 Questions: 1). Any idea if the daily database updates will supported through 2011? I would like to stay with 2010, renew license for 2010 in summer when time comes around, but if it's going to be a problem that I won't be able to get database updates for 2010 past the December 2011 timeframe, then I may have to rework other solutions. Glad I'm asking now, so thanks to all for the input! 2) So if my RAM is not enough for KIS2011 (or would make it crawl as antikythera has mentioned) - would it be a safe bet to say that when KIS2012 is available, I would be in the same situation, with the existing RAM info I gave above? Thanks!
  13. Ok thanks for the info. So I take it my computer would not be able to support 2011 version from the memory info I've provided?
  14. antikythera, Thank you. Just went to Programs/acces/system tools and sys info Here's what I have listed (I'm not savvy with what all this is or means by the way) Total Physical Memory: 1,024.00 MB Available Physical Memory: 290.52 MB Total Virtual Memory: 2.00 GB Available Virtual Memory: 1.96 GB If it is the case, that I don't have enough memory for KIS2011 (and you've mentioned that if I don't have enough it could cripple the machine), will I still be able to get the daily updates to KIS2010 as usual if I stay with 2010? Or was my understanding correct, that they cease at the end of 2011? When I mean updates, I mean the automatic updates that happen throughout the day for the databases. Or is that something else that ceases for KIS2010 at the end of 2011? Thank you!
  15. antikythera, Thank you as always for your quick replies! Since I'm not too swift with the "innards" of things, I looked up what I have. I have a desktop computer -- Compaq Presario AMD Athlon 64 process 3200+ 1.99 GHz, 960MB of RAM When I check to see how much disk space I have it says free space 52.5 GB. Where can I see how much available RAM I have? Or is it the 960 MB that I mentioned above. Checked this via system info. Is that correct place? Thanks again. Not tech savvy, and appreciate the info I get here always!
  16. Hello all, Totally enjoying KIS 2010 ( Have Win XP Home Serv Pack 3. Don't do any gaming, not much surfing, just pretty much use home computer for email, online auctions. Renewal is coming around in the summer. I think I read somewhere that database updates will be supported for KIS 2010 up until Dec 2011 -- is that correct? I've been with KIS since Version 7. Didn't do the vers 9, but went from 7 to 2010. I like this 2010 version quite a bit. I like how I don't notice it in the background. And at least in this version the Rootkit scan only scans once after 30 minutes into having the computer put on - and scan takes 5 minutes. I thought I heard with the newer version (2011) the rootkit scans at times throughout the day -- and not just the one time after startup of computer like KIS 2010. Is that correct? Those that have Win XP - and are using KIS 2011 ---- how do you like it? I'm guessing that I'll need to upgrade to 2011 in the summer. Just curious how people like it or not compared to 2010 vers. Thanks for any insight. Arrow
  17. Hello & thank you. Just as I was reading your message, photobucket tech support contacted me -- seems it may be on their side. But I'll check the other things you've mentioned if it's not on their side. Thank you.
  18. Hello again, Thank you as always to those helpful people who come to my aid! I logged into photobucket today uploading some photos as usual for online auctions that I'll be listing. All totally fine and normal, logged out until later on today. When I logged in again the entire homepage of the photobucket website looked disjointed - like something possibly was blocked? links all over the place, entire website just out of whack and looked odd. Just curious if possibly something in anti-banner blocked something all of a sudden. I checked it but with photobucket half the site is ads and anit-banner has always been good having it on for that site. Never had this problem viewing their website in all the time I've had Kaspersky or used photobucket. Why would it be fine this morning, and later today - just a mess? I've contacted photobucket - took a bit of doing since everything is all disjointed on what I now see on their site. But also wanted to check with you all. Here's what I see now on photobucket. Thanks for any help.
  19. I just clicked on Stop Update after it was trying for the last 30 minutes unsuccessfully automatically, then -- restarted the update again manually and it worked fine - went through the update no probs just now.
  20. Hello again, KIS 2010 ( a, b, c, d, e) Using Windows XP Service Pack 3 Just turned computer back on (had storms earlier ) and saw that I showed Suspicious Riskware count showing on my main KIS page -- no pop up or anything just noticed the KIS main page showed it (2). When I clicked on detail screen -- detect all threats - I got the following and I made screen print. Blue informational "i" notatation and explanation of suspicious .. Console is still green, but not sure what this was all about. Do I have a keylogger detected? Do I need to do something -- Please help me figure this out. Thanks.
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