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  1. It is a very shameful reality, that Kaspersky has decided not to concern themselves with this. The most accurate truth is that they don't have to worry about FIPS standards. I have moved on unfortunately as this is a losing battle. Sorry that I am unable to help further, aside from encouraging you to bring this up with Kaspersky Support also.
  2. Well, I won't be disabling FIPS Compliancy on my PC, but I will go ahead and consider that this is the problem and hope that Kaspersky properly assigns a hash to this file so that KAV2013 and KIS2013 can be more secure and even more trustworthy (which obviously it is the most trustworthy in the world already, but I digress). No response from Tech Support but I will just assume that any day now I'll recieve something saying "Reinstall and then reboot" or maybe "should be addressed in next version" which is a tactic to look good as a Rep by closing many cases favorably.
  3. Well maybe this is it... http://csrc.nist.gov/groups/STM/cmvp/docum...p/140sp1327.pdf I am a Federal Employee so I use my smartcard on my home PC so I can access intranet information during Telework (working from home on occassion) so I have FIPS-201 enabled and maybe this document from NIST outlines why...
  4. I just can't believe that I am the only person having this problem...I never torrent...I have a fresh system...a very standard software AND hardware configuration... Maybe by enabling "FIPS-201 Compliancy" in the System Registry cause these Code Intergity checks in the first place? Maybe I should look into that a little...but either way Kaspersky should've done this right as no other program on y system generates these errors...
  5. I did, they asked for a screenshot of my Event Viewer and two System Reports from "ReportMaker.exe" from the Kaspersky FTP Ticket Number:314528833
  6. Deleted it from the system32\drivers folder, but the errors persist from the file that is still inside the KAV2013 directory...
  7. Alright Whizard, you got it. So do I need to disable the KAV protection temporarily or will it allow me to delete it with it enabled as it is currently default. And can you verify that this file is only for KIS2013 and not used for my KAV2013?
  8. My apologies, I should have specified: Windows 7 Ultimate x64 w/ SP1 KAV 2013 latest w/ Critical Fix (f) Installed "Klelam.sys" is in the default product folder and also in the windows driver backup folder. They BOTH cause seperate errors to show up in my Event Viewer for not passing "Code Integrity" windows security audits for both files. My version of "klelam.sys" is not digitally signed for some reason, despite downloading KAV from kaspersky.com and I have had this problem on my old Windows 7 install as well. I just reinstalled everything on March 18th, 2013 from scratch like I always do every 6 months and this problem persists again. On my old install, I had the KAV2013 download from kaspersky.com that had the critical fix ( b ) integrated, but when I just reinstalled, I redownloaded the KAV2013 from kaspersky.com which now has critical fix ( e ) integrated. Upon installing on my new system, I saw (e), let it update initially, restarted, saw ( f ), and immediately checked my Event Viewer, which is just habit, and sure enough, messages were already there about failing code integrity checks.
  9. Don, can you help me understand why after 5 critical fix patches for 5 months Kaspersky still won't get this "Klelam.sys" file digitally signed to the errors don't fill up my Event Viewer on Windows 7 x64...I wouldn't care except it also causes slowdowns everytime the Windows Security Audit runs and finds this file over and over... Do they not know about it? Am I the only one with the issue? Am I the only person who looks at their Event Viewer anymore? Thank you Don
  10. Thank you Antikythera, :cb_punk: Yes, I've checked for updates to my drivers, to no avail...but I've run some further tests and it was PNY thumbdrive dying on me (my first warnings before I lost any information), so I'm glad you pointed it out. KIS 2011 is working fine, I'm relieved to report. It's still slow, but I know that's the price
  11. Thank you for checking it out for me. :beer: Yeah I've seen the entries in my Event Viewer about "Driver has reported a controller error on hard disc 3", which is my PNY thumbdrive. I googled the error message and a lot of the queries showed that my actual controller could be defective...don't know what to do about that (I have a laptop so can't replace that) so I just ignored the messages for the past few weeks. I did however, just now, run error checking on it via Properties\Tools\Error Checking\Check Now w/ both options checked...took about 4 minutes to scan 8GB (formatted as eXFAT) and it reported no errors were detected. I guess I'll just buy another thumbdrive and see if I still get the messages...then I'll know if it's my controller or not. Maybe Windows is just being useless, as per usual and just doesn't like exFAT since it's still immature. Came with Windows 7 back in 2009, and just made it into Mac OS X v.10.6.5... :dash1:
  12. Thank you for the replies rudger and antikythera, much appreciated. :cb_punk: I've already disabled the "perform regular rootkit scan"...I also already had the Game Profile options enabled except "select option automatically", not trusting that one!!...rather be interrupted during a game than have KIS pick an undesired option. I'm on a laptop so I've already disabled scans during battery operations. Lastly, already had the "concede resources to other applications" enabled. Nothing's changed for my performance being so sluggish. I'm open to any other suggestions :dash1: I've run GSI, here's the link: GSI Results And, to be honest, I'll probably skip KIS 2012...looks too simplified for an advanced user like me...even KIS 2011 was bad enough in that aspect...but I delt with it cuz it actually offered an updated hueristics engine, KSN, System Watcher...etc. All KIS 2012 offers is an updated GUI (who cares) and not much else. Plus I don't upgrade for a few versions anyways. :laugh3: Thank you Friends, talk soon. :cb_punk:
  13. Hello Friends, :cb_punk: I need some help on how to attempt to reduce overhead while using KIS 2011 on my Win7 Ultimate x64 SP1, Intel i5 460M 2.53GHz, 4GB RAM. :dash1: Whenever I reinstall Windows fresh via my backup image every few months (before KIS is installed, and before connecting to the net), everything runs great while I update my programs, do a few tweaks, enabling user account password, and anything else to prepare for connecting to the internet. Everything is so snappy, responsive, THEN comes the installation of KIS 2011. Now, I know that security and peace of mind come at a price (I've used KAV since 2003 and KIS since 2008...but my PC is VERY capable and it is JUST...SO much slower with KIS installed. Will it help speed things back up a little if I disable "Advanced Disinfection Technology" and "Perform Idle Scan"? The way I see it I don't need either since I never get infected with viruses (no need for advanced disinfection) and I run full scans every weekend (no need for idle scans). Hopefully I'm onta somethin' here. :bravo: Does anyone else have any other recommendations to recover some "snappiness" to my Windows life? :pray: Thank you all in advance. :beer:
  14. I currently use my lifetime license with the latest Outpost Firewall Pro with KAV v. on Windows 7 RTM 32 & 64-Bit (separate PCs) and I have zero problems. Let me know if you need help with either program's settings.
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