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16 hours ago, Whizard said:

https://products.s.kaspersky-labs.com pick the ones you wish.

Like i said before AND as you can see from the picture beyond, ONLY version 2018 is available for download.

I don't know what happened with the other versions (2017 and 2019), a week ago they were all available to download!



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I have the same question as above. I tried the suggested solution, of "...ask for an offline 2019 installer to Kaspersky Support", but I was informed that in order to make such a request I would need to have purchased a product from Kaspersky first - the free version apparently does not allow me to make such a request of Kaspersky Support. How then do I obtain the full installation package of Kaspersky Free 2019 (without need for an Internet connection on the target computer) if I need to buy the full Kasperspy Antivirus package first in order to get support? This seems counterintuitive. Why not just provide a download link on your site, for those of us who actually want to scan our computers / have protection in place before we connect them to the Internet? Can you please just provide a link to the appropriate download file (and, preferably, an SHA256 hash for validation of the package as well, if possible). Thanks.

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7 hours ago, Berny said:

Wecome. Maybe you could consider KVRT portable (on demand only / no realtime protection)  https://support.kaspersky.com/viruses/kvrt2015#kb

Thank you for the reply Berny. However, a solution which provides a one-time virus scan is not a useful suggestion. Tell me, to your knowledge, how long does a Windows-based computer survive these days when first connected to the Internet, before becoming infected? When I was last involved with Windows-based systems (some 10 years ago now), that metric was measured in mere seconds. No doubt these days it is even worse. The target computer for this project unfortunately needs a Microsoft operating system, so it will need realtime protection, from the get-go.


5 hours ago, ANGElDRAGON said:

TrisquelWhare than you are not satisfied with the links above on the topic?
You are right, support for Kaspersky Free does not refuse through the My Kaspersky: https://support.kaspersky.com/12968

Thank you for the link, ANGEIDRAGON. I did see that link in the discussion above, and I suppose I could use that to download the 2018 version of Kaspersy Free, however, I was hoping to find the link to the 2019 version. I don't understand why this needs to be kept as such a secret.

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