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My Samsung Galaxy 4 (SGH-I337) phone got lost and probably stolen today about 7:30-8:00 CET+1 in a bus in Jerusalem , ISRAEL. :icon20:

I had installed Kaspersky Mobile Security (KMS) v9.10.141 apk in it and activated the anti-theft methods (including 8 digit master password) but Unfortunately I haven't registered the software or the device in Kaspersky's servers.


Unfortunately I haven't locked the home screen so the thief could use the phone also.

Using Google Dashboard I've retrieved my IMEI.


Currently I have a registered username in my.kaspersky.com with my active email but I don't recall creating it nor I get a password recovery mail for it in my mail.

I've contacted kaspersky about this and I'm waiting for an answer.


Is there a way I can contact:1

  • The KMS app in my Cellphone and to locate it and/or take a mugshot of the thief ?
  • Google report this IMEI as stolen and if the thief uses it with another cell provider and google account it can be located with the name of the gmail account using it

In matter of fact if the thief is a little sophisticated and didn't just replaced the SIM card but Flashed a new ROM the KMS app is ineffective.

If it had locked the home/logon screen and the thief obviously knows it cannot open it and it probably trick an alarm he'll definitely go first for ROM Flash.

IMEI and using Google accounts are the only valid way to locate stolen phones IMHO.


The phone is very important to me , I'm willing to pay a money reward for anyone who can help me track it and/or the thief.

Any other suggestions will be welcomed.


Thanks a lot in advance for those who can assist me in this mini-crisis



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You´re using an old version of KMS.

I´m not sure if this manual is for the version you have installed.

Try to use the SMS commands with your phone.

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