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Full Scan Freezing

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When running Kaspersky Pure full scan, it gets to about 23% then stays there for hours on end. The computer it self freezes up. I have run GSI. Heres the report....




Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks



I am having the exact same problems with my Kaspersky Pure. It worked fine 5 days ago did the scans everything worked like it should. But Last night when i tried to run a Scan the whole system keeps failing. I unistalled, reinstalled via the website. I unistalled and reinstalled via my disk for 2 days now. My CPU is like running harder trying to run this antivirus (and freeze) more than some of the more intense video games I have. I tried to let it run last night in hopes it would go but it ran all night without moving a percentage after a certain point. At one point I did receive this error


<<<"The Instruction 0x6f2b60d9 refrence memory at 0x00000000. The memory could not be read.">>>


My computer stats are:


Windows 7

AMD Quad Core Phenom II -- 2.6 Ghz

8 Gigs of Ram

4350 HD Ati Video Card (which i don't think would matter but who knows)



This problems sounds like some kind of memory leak. who knows not me but hopefully it will be patched soon

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Like others here, my Kaspersky product hangs during the full scan. Specifically, out of the 7 times I've tried to run the scan within the past 24 hours, it hangs around 48% to 49% after spending about an hour and fifteen minutes getting to that point. The majority of the hangs occur on a file by the name of "Microsoft.Utility.Framework" or something along those lines, sometimes it hangs on a seemingly random file of it's choosing. My system becomes maxed out on resources, and I am unable to stop the scan or skip the offending file and am forced to reboot in order to stop the scan. I've even tried tweaking the settings to skip files scanned for longer than 30 seconds, changed the "Do Not Unpack Large Compound Files" setting to 20 MB, and have checked boxes so that Kaspersky will only scan System Memory, Startup Objects, and All Hard Drives. While changing those settings has sped the scan up slightly, it still hangs at 49%. I've run GSI, the link is below.




Any suggestions or other help is appreciated.

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Any suggestions or other help is appreciated.
You have both PURE and KIS 2010 showing as installed and temp files from other AV's. I am assuming that PURE is what you have a current for since you posted in the PURE section.


1. Remove temp files: http://support.kaspersky.com/kis2011/error...p;qid=208279128



2. Make sure you have your Activation Code handy first, then (if applicable) right click the K icon and select Exit, then uninstall PURE > reboot, then run the removal tool (in safe mode, Tap F8 when booting):


Download and extract it to your C:\ drive (so its located in c:\kavremover). Scroll down in the linked instructions and select All Known Products. Reboot after tool use.


Then download a fresh distributive of the PURE installer from links contained here: http://www.kaspersky.com/productupdates

You will need your Activation Code after install > reboot.


This happens if you try to install one AV without uninstalling the other. It is best to always uninstall first before installing new.



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