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Losing connection while updating.

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Hello, I've got a HP dv6 pavilion laptop with 64 bit Window 7 which is fine or at least so I believe. Anyway I wanted to check out this recovery disk as I know someone who's having a bit of trouble with their PC and thought I ought to check I know how to use it before popping over, anyway, it boots up fine looking just like screen shots I've seen and I tell it that it's Windows 7 rather than Windows Startup. If I access the internet while it's making the swap file it's all dandy but it seems like when it tries to configure the network it messes with it, the connection is alright for a bit after as it gets the updates but it then starts downloading very slow, I can't get anywhere on the internet and eventually the update fails. I was wondering what this might be about, I also notice that Kaspersky makes a folder for itself which is of course fine but as I have no use for it aside from this trial I assume it's safe to delete once I no longer need it?

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I have used the Rescue Disk a few times this past week. What I had to do usually is to do a manual network configuration.


First I would "exit" the main application, then select "Network Setup" from the lower-left-corner "start" menu.


In the pop-up choose "Configure Network Adapter" and make sure the adapter you expect is listed (usually there should be only one). Select it with "ok", then answer "Yes" to the following pop-up.


Now the "hard" work begins. Use Manual Configuation ( I found that DHCP did not work reliably ). The following are examples for my local network, you might have to tweak the numbers for yours. Basically the broadcast address is the same as the IP address you assign to your PC, except for the last octet=255; network mask should always be as shown. Gateway is usually the address of your router (most common are or; for DNS you could try your router's address.


IP Address

Network Mask

Broadcast Address


DNS Servers


Then use the lower-left-corner "start" menu to re-start the main Rescue Disk application.

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