prematurely expired licence ???

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Hello peers...


Got a major problem here.

My client purchased a new licence-key set for their "10 worksstation+ 1 fileserver+ 1 exchange-/emailserver" package back in january 2006, i just came back from a small vacation and kaspersky admin-kit is telling me that my licences are expiring TODAY.


I compared it with my previous ones, and found out that the new ones are "registered to Josh Prost @ Kaspersky" (who's definately not part of my clients company ;)) as the old ones were not registered like that. They were just "comercial licences" w/o any email-addy registration 'inside'.


I remember entering a 4 character-code that was given to me via email the first time to get 30% off the sticker-price of a licence-renewal.


Please, I really like Kaspersky A/V, has it kept our Butts clean of crap thats out there, but its hard to be a selling point to my Boss, if the licence prematurely expire. Especially if my Boss believes that it's Kaspersky's fault (which i do not believe to be the case) that the LAN is having intermittant lag-hickups (different thread, still working on it...) that freezes the workstations for minutes.


Can somebody PLEASE throw me a quick solution/phone#/email-contact to resolve pronto the licence issue ?





PS: i used my personal Kaspersky v6 to read the info's out of the licence key in the pic



it was the/a "KAV SB for Windows 1-FileServer + 10-Workstation + 10-MailBox Multi Pack (key) - 000A7A51.key" package


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