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  1. Attachment File from MS Outlook

    Thank you Harlan for your help.
  2. Hi, Could you investigate attachment file? Kaspersky is not detecting anything. Could you help me to investigate this file? Thanks, Quote 653748393748 - Copy.zip
  3. How to remove Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Zlob.mqo,mqz,mqy,mqn,mqw,mra??? KIS found following Zlob and delete it. I also scanned by Combofix it deleted unnecessary files. But it show up pop-up window on my computer. Please advice me to remove from my PC. :dash1: Thanks
  4. Generic Virus Trojan

    Virus name Virus.VBS.AutoRun.au. :dance2:

    I2KXYLT.BAT Kaspersky can't delete this file? http://spywaredlls.prevx.com/RRDAFI044198108/I2KXYLT.BAT.html
  6. Generic Virus Trojan

    I attached .vbs code. I still have problem on this trojan. I am waiting email from newvirus@kaspersky.com.
  7. Generic Virus Trojan

    Email from newvirus@kaspersky.com New malicious software was found in this file. It's detection will be included in the next update. Thank you for your help. I have also detected autorun.inf, so you will not have more problems with this worm.
  8. Generic Virus Trojan

    I send email to newvirus@kaspersky.com
  9. Generic Virus Trojan

    Thanks for reply.
  10. I found some generic trojan virus.(computername.vbs) Everytime when i plug my flashdisk it just automatically copy to C disk. Remove instruction: 1) C,D Local disk 2) Windows/system32 3)HLU\software\windows\currentversion\explorer\mountpoint2\ (remove on C,D sub folder) 4)HLC\software\windows\internet explorer\main\ (windowstitle Hacked by computer name) 5)HLM\software\windows\currentversion\run How can i protect from it? KIS can't remove it.KIS showing 2 ways terminate or allow. When i terminate the flash disk i can get my file. if i allow the generic virus copy itself.